Hair Loss Styling Tips for Women, It is all true: hair loss happens to women also, and there’s no avoiding it.

40% of women have said that they have experienced some notable form of hair loss before they reached 40 years of age. And those are only the ones that admitted it.

The number goes up in the decades past 40 years. Today, more than 50% of all women losing significant hair around 60 years old.

In short, there is little chance of women avoiding thinning hair and a receding hairline. But there are plenty of things that could mitigate or even reverse its effects.

Hair Loss Styling Tips Women Can Try

As soon as you find yourself losing an uncomfortable amount of hair, give it a try to these hair loss styling tips for women.

Minoxidil (Rogaine)

More commonly known by its commercial name: ‘Rogaine’. Its composition features a 5% concentration of the compound ‘Minoxidil’ which is to make hair grow. Minoxidil is FDA approved, which vouches for its effectiveness. The product comes in either liquid or foam presentation and does not require a prescription. For women, foam presentations are ideal since it is easier to spread in the scalp. Just spray it in your hand and proceed to massage the balding area of the scalp with it.

Avoid Hair Products Containing Sulfate

Sulfate has an abrasion-like effect in your hair which is not at all ideal for hair in general and especially thinning hair. Take a look at the ingredient list and, if you see it there, avoid.

Refrain from Heat-based Hairstyling Tools

Hair straighteners and blow dryers might be a staple of hairstyling, but if you are looking to keep you thinning hair, best is to avoid them. The aggressive application of further heat damages already weakens hair hasting its demise. Consider letting the hair dry on its own.

Change Hairstyles

Certain hairstyles are wonderful for masking thinning hair in certain areas. Bangs work particularly well as disguise, creating a sense of fullness. Forehead-covering bangs or side-swept bangs work great.

A multiple layer cut is also a great option; the texture it gives to your hair when moving makes it seem like there’s a lot more of it.

Both styles can be effectively combined in a layered, swept bob cut with a bang, which is another great option.

Hair Transplant for Women

If all else fails, know that, like hair loss, a hair transplant is not only for the guys.

Modern techniques like FUE or DHI allow women to have natural-looking results when undergoing it.

The procedure extracts hair from the lower part of the back of your scalp and grafts it into the desired area via microscopic incisions.

The grafted hair falls after a few days, but don’t worry, the hair follicles are still there, intact and growing. After around six months, you will see the hair growth start.

For those ladies looking for a fast and permanent solution for their hair losses woes, a hair transplant for women is the ultimate answer.

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