Hair Regrowth For Men, People interpret baldness as an indicator of ageing. However, there are about two-thirds of men who experience baldness even at the age of 35. There is an obvious disparity in this case.

Having thick and healthy hair has always been synonymous with youth. So much so that losing your hair means one thing – your biological clock is ticking. This explains why hair regrowth treatments for men have become more popular now than ever.

Hair Regrowth for Men – Hair Loss Risk Factors

Around 85% of men would have experienced major hair loss at the age of 50. It’s common, progressive, and yet life-changing.

There are lots of reasons why men go bald. You rule in certain factors like hormonal changes, stress, genetics, nutritional deficiencies, medication, hair treatments, and ageing.

Your hair gives signals about your current health condition. You have to be aware of these red flags to figure out what could be off from the inside.

How To Choose The Best Hair Regrowth Treatments for Men

Hair regrowth treatments for men are widely available in the market. However, not everything seems to really work on preventing hair loss in men. The use of FDA-approved hair regrowth treatments for men is more effective than experimental products.

It may not be wise to follow the hype by using hair regrowth treatments for men. Consumers should be more proactive as a lot of these so-called “miracle” hair regrowth treatments are shams.


This is applied directly on the scalp which slows down hair loss but recurs once you stop using it. You have to use the product twice a day and for a period of six months to see results.


This hair regrowth treatment for men blocks the conversion of testosterone into DHT. However, there are some undesirable side effects, such as diminished libido or erectile dysfunction.

Some men don’t experience these side effects. It is recommended to use other hair regrowth treatment products if you are half-hearted with using finasteride. 


Using an anti-dandruff shampoo stimulates hair regrowth as it inhibits testosterone production. Use this for two to three times a week in combination with Minoxidil and Finasteride to see significant results in six months.

Well-Balanced Diet

Sticking to a healthy diet plan can also save you from hair loss. Experts agree that eating fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding artificial sugars promote hair regrowth. 

Low-Level Light Therapy

This is a popular and advanced FDA-approved hair regrowth treatment procedure for men that make use of light therapy. The procedure can thicken your hair by as much as 22% and increase hair density by 15%. The results are evident after 24 weeks of continuous usage.

Hair Transplant

It is a procedure that includes obtaining healthy hair follicles from a donor area and transplanting onto the patient’s scalp. Today, we provide the two most successful methods, which are DHI and FUE. Regarding your case and wish, we can apply these methods.

The perks include having a full head of natural hair that requires low-key maintenance. For more information on this, get in touch with us today.

Dealing with hair loss can be very stressful and hurt your ego and confidence. There are now modern hair regrowth treatments for men that can help you manage hair loss.

Overall, lifestyle modification and hair regrowth treatments for men can help turn the tables around for you. esteGrande Instagram 

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