Hair replacement, many men and women around the world are suffering from aesthetic issues like hair loss or baldness. Countless reasons may cause hair loss. It can be due to ageing, the side effects of a medication or just your genetic background. 

People have tried many different ways throughout the years to find a solution to this problem. Countless medications have been marketed, and people have tried many herbal remedies as well. But so far, none of them has any proof of solving hair loss problem completely, except for the hair replacement. 

Hair replacement, commonly referred to as the hair transplant operation offers permanent results to the patients who are suffering from hair loss. And with this method, the reason behind the hair loss is not essential. It is suitable for almost anyone. Besides, it replaces your natural hair. Therefore, nothing synthetic is involved during the process.

How Does the Hair Replacement Work?

There are multiple methods for performing hair transplant surgery. But the most advanced one is the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method. In other words, this operation extracts the healthy hair follicles from another area and transplanting them into the desired area. It can be useful for partial balding, receding hairlines or even complete baldness.

The operation starts with careful planning made by your hair clinic doctor. The doctor chooses how many hair follicles you will need for achieving the results you want. Then the technicians start extracting the healthy hair follicles in grafts from the selected donor area. The back of the neck is usually a preferable area for this procedure. 

The technicians put the extracted hair follicles in a special solution. This solution prolongs the lifespan of the hair follicles. Therefore, the technicians keep the grafts in this solution until enough grafts are extracted. After they complete the extraction process, they start to implant these grafts into the areas planned by your hair transplant doctor. After the operation, the hair grows denser than ever, and the transplanted hair is harder to lose again.

The Advantages of Hair Replacement

  • The results are permanent

Unlike the other solutions that give temporary relief to your hair loss problem, the hair transplant operation is permanent. That means you do not need to repeat the process every month or every year. Just one operation is enough.

  • It is highly effective

No other hair loss solution is going to give you the dramatic changes that the hair transplant operation will. When the transplanted hair starts to grow, you are going to see an undeniable change. 

  • Cheaper than the other temporary solutions

It may sound easier to just buy some over the counter medications for hair loss, but these products take more than a year for starting to give results. And you have to keep using these medications on a daily basis. This means that you have to pay for them as long as you want to see the effects. Because the effects will fade as soon as you stop using them. But the hair transplant surgery will not require repetition. Therefore, it will make you save money in the long run.

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