Hair Restoration with Wig or Hair Transplant?

Hair Restoration with Wig or Hair Transplant? There are many different treatment methods on the issue of hair loss, which has become a problem for many people. Some of these methods consist of drug supplements and various interventions. Wigs and hair transplant are the first methods that come to mind when we think of hair loss treatment. 

Hair Restoration with Wig or Hair Transplant?

These two methods of treatment are actually two applications that are diametrically opposite. 

Prosthetic hair and hair transplant are not alternatives to each other.

The wig is the common name given to artificial hair produced from someone else’s hair or a variety of unnatural materials. Prosthetic hair treatment without any medical intervention is the application of artificial hair for those who experience hair loss.

Hair transplant is the procedure of transferring the hair follicles taken from the nape region to the target area of hair loss. Hair follicles are the own follicles of the patient. Therefore, this method is entirely natural and gives more successful results.

Differences Between Wig and Hair Transplant

Even when defining, we can list the fundamental differences between these two applications, which indicates how different they are from each other.

The wig is someone else’s hair or artificial products. It is possible to use it for a certain period of time. You cannot use the same wig permanently. It can get damaged easily and lose its form. The cleaning and use of wigs are not practical and troublesome. You cannot shape or change the length of the wigs. Therefore, you should select a specific shape. Lastly, a wig does not look natural on the scalp.  

On the other hand, hair in hair transplant is the transplantation of your own hair. After the shock shedding, your hair will grow and do not shed again. Therefore, you can use it permanently. Hair transplant does not change the course of your daily life. Consequently, you can continue your life like you used to do. You can shape your hair and trim it whenever you want. Finally, the hair you get with hair transplant looks impressively natural. Usually, others cannot notice that you had an operation after the healing period.

The wig does not require medical intervention. However, hair transplantation is a medical method.

Everyone wants to look better. Hair loss may make you frustrated. However, it is impossible to understand this mood when you do not lose your hair. There are many ways to accomplish it a good looking by treating hair loss. The wig is a less preferred method and not a permanent one. If you want a stable and effective solution for hair loss, you should go for the hair transplant.

To get effective results from hair transplant, you should find a professional centre and capable surgeons. Therefore, do your research well while deciding on the method you want to use. In esteGrande, we perform hair transplant application with our expert team. Consequently, you will get impressive results after the healing period.

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