Hair Styling After a Hair Transplant

Hair Styling After a Hair Transplant, After your hair transplant operation, you might be wondering what kind of styles can you fashion with your newly transplanted hair. Long story short, after your hair heals completely, you can do whatever you like with it. But it is better to wait a while after the operation until you start using hair styling products.

Hair Styling After a Hair Transplant

Within the first two or three weeks, most of the hair you had implanted will fall off. It will take about six months until your new follicles start producing hair once more. And during these first few months, the implanted hair will grow a bit slower than hair around other parts of your head. So patience is the key.


For the first few weeks, you will need to let your hair air dry after gentle dabbing with a clean towel. Too much heat may be detrimental to the healing process of your fresh grafts. Also when you are ready to use a hairdryer again, we recommend you to use it at a low heat setting.

Dyeing Your Hair

Using a hair dye too early may cause unwanted reactions to chemicals dyes to contain. Ideally, you should wait two or three months before you dye your hair. If you like keeping your hair dyed, dyeing your hair before the operation may be more appropriate.

Hair Styles

Getting used to your hair will take a while after the operation. At first, styling will be a matter of working with the hair you already have. Slight alterations from your usual hairdo may prove useful. And after your scalp heals, hair mousse can help achieve a thicker appearance. 

What About Hair Cuts

We recommend our patients not to cut their hair too short so as to have a better idea about how their natural hair grows. If there are no setbacks, patients can usually get a haircut around their donor areas three weeks after the procedure. Implanted grafts are rather sensitive after the operation, so waiting two or three months is better. 

On another important note, you should avoid electric razors for the first six months. 

  • Mainly because these razors have high-velocity motors that pose a risk of dislodging your grafts from the place. 
  • On top of that, electric razors need to be very close to scalp skin to do their work. 

This creates further risks of injury for your grafts. You can, however, stick to scissors meanwhile. A good barber can work wonders with a pair of scissors and scissors can do their work from further away.

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