Hair Transplant Abroad, Health tourism is increasing by 5-10% every year and rapidly growing into a large sector. In 2018, health tourism generated $1 billion solely in Turkey. Furthermore, Every year over 100 million visitors come to Turkey to use health services.

Hair Transplant Abroad

When it comes to hair transplant overseas, Turkey is one of the most experienced countries in this area. Every year more than half a million people come to Turkey for hair transplant. According to unofficial data, India follows Turkey with 200.000 operations per year. The United States of America is in third place.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

There are certain elements that make Turkey is the number one option for hair transplant facilities. Experience is one of these elements in hair transplant. In Turkey, the experience leads patients to a more successful operation. There are many successful hair transplantation centres in Turkey, such as esteGrande

Located between two continents, Europe and Asia, Turkey’s geographical advantages have enabled it to become a medical tourism centre in the whole world. As Turkey is the centre of the world for thousands of years and hosting many civilizations, it always keeps the interest of the visitors alive. This influx of visitors naturally creates an awareness of health tourism.

People undergo hair transplant operations in Turkey since the early 1990s. Furthermore, our hair transplantation centres, which have been performing hair transplant operations for a long time, has carried out innovation studies for the purpose of achieving more successful results. 

In Turkey, clinics use methods such as FUE, DHI. As a result of the economic advantages, patients usually prefer hair transplant procedures in Turkey. However, thanks to hair transplant centres’ hard work, they demonstrate successful results and set higher standards. Therefore, more and more people prefer Turkey for hair transplant overseas.

Hair Transplant in Istanbul

The demand for hair transplant overseas has increased. For instance, In Istanbul, transplant procedures have started to be higher than in other places because Istanbul is a city that you can reach more easily and where aesthetic operations are of quality.

If you want to have hair transplantation in Istanbul, you are more likely to find a hair clinic/hospital that will make your hair fuller and delivering high-quality results. In order to make a good comparison with the hair transplantation prices you have received from other places, we recommend that you ask the doctor for the fee per graft/hair follicle. 

Essential Elements for Successful Hair Transplantation

There are some critical elements that make a hair transplant operation successful. You should search for these aspects while deciding on the hair transplant centre.

  • Experience
  • Educational Background
  • Prevalence of health services
  • Technical equipment
  • Experience in Hair Transplantation
  • Technical Competence and Hygiene
  • Online Consultation – Preliminary Assessment
  •  Accommodation and Transfers

In esteGrande, you can find all of these elements in a professional environment. Regarding this, you can call us for detailed information about hair transplant.


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