Hair Transplant at 6 Weeks: Post Op and What to Expect

Hair Transplant at 6 Weeks: Post Op and What to Expect, The period for hair growth varies vastly according to person and gender. It is observed more slowly in women while faster in men. The hair grows in three phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen. The growth time varies according to the stage in which the hair grows. While the hair in the front areas grows faster, the growth of the hair planted in the top areas can take up to one and a half years.

Hair Transplant at 6 Weeks: Post Op and What to Expect

The sixth month is a crucial period for hair transplant operations as this is when you can see the result close to the expected one. However, the ultimate results of hair transplantation should be evaluated after one and a half years, according to many experts. About 60 per cent of the transplanted hair becomes visible in the first six months.

Some people do not lose their hair in the first three months. Shock shedding may occur in the sixth month, although it is only a slight possibility. Some people experience acne formation on their scalp due to shock hair loss. After the shock loss in the sixth month, the hair becomes prominent. By the way, the newly grown hair is about three centimetres long and gradually thickens to a healthy appearance.

The sixth month is usually considered a satisfying period after months of meticulous care. You can see the first signs of a miracle when you look in the mirror. From then on, your hair grows rapidly into its final shape. However, there are some points you should consider at this point for a healthy and good-looking hair.

What to Do in the Sixth Month for Healthy Hair

The things to consider after hair transplant are as crucial as the operation. There is no reason for you not to regain your healthy hair if you follow the rules and act diligently to get the perfect results.

  • The skin on the transplanted area should be protected from impact.
  • You should not shave your hair; you can only shorten it with scissors.
  • Avoid saunas, extreme heat, and extreme cold until the end of the sixth month.
  • You can continue taking supplements and applying lotions to your hair to maintain its healthy look.
  • You should keep your nutrition at a good level because it is a factor that directly affects the result.
  • Avoid any materials and activities that will affect your hair and scalp.

You should show the utmost care for your hair to ensure its growth and health for at least one year after hair transplant. You should use shampoos with low chemical content. Also, keeping it clean will affect successful results.

Even if hair transplantation is carried out with aesthetic concerns, it is, first of all, a medical practice. Therefore, you should conduct detailed research and find a qualified centre before having a hair transplant. Otherwise, it is not possible to meet your expectations, and you may lose money or even experience health problems.

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