Hair Transplant Clinic Warning Signs

Hair Transplant Clinic Warning Signs, You may be seeking a hair transplantation operation, and you are reluctant about undergoing the procedure. There are many possible reasons for this reluctance. Maybe you heard a story about a botched transplantation operation. Or even, maybe you witnessed one from a friend or colleague. With this kind of stories and testimonials going around, patients feel the need to trust their clinics first.

Hair Transplant Clinic Warning Signs

In this post, we will focus on three warning signs of a bad clinic. And we will discuss how to detect them before it is too late. First warning signal a hair transplant clinic sends is often the cost. Of course, the price is important since it is an expensive procedure. Many clinics try to cut down on prices and advertise with their operation costs. This is a great way to compete with other clinics. But this is not always an ideal thing for the patients. When looking for a clinic, your main determinant should be quality. Once you think you have found a good clinic, you should negotiate for prices. You can get most clinics to negotiate for the price no matter how good the clinic is.

The Second Thing To Consider

The second sign is often the website of the clinic. Scroll through the photographs in the site of the clinic. If you see too many people in the website without any signs of hair transplantation, you should beware. Clinics often put people with healthy hair on their website to comfort their patients and gain credibility. This trick plays into the susceptibility of our subconscious mind. So next time you scroll through a clinic’s website, pay attention to the images.

Third Thing To Be Careful

Next, and last warning sign that we will discuss is about the marketing of procedure. Clinics often like to specify their FUE method (there are 4 extraction methods). But, actually “SmartGraft Procedure” is not a special thing at all. It just specifies the tool used for follicle extraction. Same goes for “Neograft Procedure”. There is nothing special about these procedures. It has to be one of four at all times. Even robotic FUE procedures don’t pose a big advantage for the patient. So next time a clinic seems like it is offering the next big thing, read into it further.

Of course, there are many other warning signs a clinic can give out. Keep your eyes open at all times for red flags but also remember: The salespeople, the medical team and the doctors are most likely just doing their best to help you. They are all trying to give you a comfortable experience. It would not be nice towards them to hold them under suspicion at all times. Of course, exercise your right to get clear information where applicable too.

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