Hair Transplant Dense Packing

Hair Transplant Dense Packing, Whether the hair transplant will create a natural image depends mainly on hair density. Therefore, attention should be paid to the frequency to obtain natural results. Considering a person who has lost all his hair, frequent hair transplant requires an average of 100 hair follicles per square centimetre. Therefore, it is essential to have sufficient hair follicles in the donor area for a denser look after the hair transplant.

Examining the structure of the hair and the width of the target area is vital to have the desired density. It is possible to explain the issues that determine a dense packing as follows.

  1. Degree of hair loss. If there is existing hair on the target area, the density may increase with a single session.
  2. The thickness of the hair strands. With thick hair strands, intensive appearance increases.
  3. Hair colour. Dark hair provides a more intense appearance compared to light hair.
  4. Colour of the skin. If the colour of the hair is close to the colour of the scalp, it looks like it is more intense.
  5. Hair structure. Curly or wavy hair types look more intense than straight hair.
  6. Channel opening. Another way of doing frequent hair transplant is through the tiny opening of the channels. Multiple channels per square centimetre are necessary for frequent hair transplants.

These are the primary factors that affect the density and thereby natural results. However, we can elaborate more on these points.

Structure of Hair

The structure of the hair is one of the factors affecting dense packing in hair transplant. Whether the hair is thick, straight, or curly is decisive in the frequent image obtained after the operation. People with thin and straight hair need more hair follicles per square centimetre for a denser look. People with thick and curly hair can have a dense appearance with fewer hair follicles.

Width of Target Area

Another factor that is effective in doing frequent hair transplants is the width of the target area. If the area is too large, more hair follicles are needed per square centimetre for desired density. However, if the target area is narrower, it is easier to achieve a denser appearance with fewer follicles. Therefore, if you have a mild hair loss, it is easier to get a frequent image.

Hair Transplant Method

The best option for a dense packing is the DHI method. This method includes transplanting of the hair follicles with special pens. These Choi pens have a fine, rounded, and sharp tip. Therefore, it is possible to transplant hair follicles frequently with this method and by a capable surgeon. Besides, DHI gives more control to the hair transplant surgeon to ensure the desired results.

The best hair transplant result depends on the hair transplant team. Therefore, it is crucial to have an experienced team. On the other hand, you should be careful after the operations for a denser image. You should follow your doctor’s recommendations to have a comfortable postoperative process.

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