Hair Transplant for Black Women, In a hair transplant, structure and quality of hair in the donor area are important factors affecting the success of the operation. Standard procedures may not be enough to achieve natural results. For this reason, it is essential to create a personalized hair design and determine the correct hair transplant technique considering this design. However, the ethnic difference is another critical factor in all stages of the hair transplant process.

Hair Transplant for Black Women

Besides, this difference is an essential determinant on possible complications and hair transplant results. According to a scientific study, some types of hair loss have been observed more frequently in certain ethnic groups.

Although different sources indicate many hair types, human hair can be analyzed under three different ethnic groups. These are yellow (Asian), white (Caucasian), and black (African). The chemical and protein structure of the hair is the same in all three ethnic groups. However, their hair growth pattern, hair density, and hair diameter are different.

For example, traction alopecia is a condition of hair loss that occurs on the scalp due to the very tight bonding or braiding of the hair. Usually, African American women experience this type of hair loss. Very tight and fine braiding of hair from a young age stands out as a traditional hairstyle in African American women.

Characteristics of Black Hair

As in all hair types, black hair has some characteristic features. Defining these features helps doctors to perform hair transplant procedure more effectively. For instance:

  • Hair sections of the African descent are flat.
  • Africans have the smallest hair strands.
  • Africans have grafts containing triple strands.

Before performing hair transplant, you should ask for the detailed analysis of your hair and your scalp for better results. As esteGrande, we provide analysis service for the full satisfaction of our patients.

Hair Transplant Surgery for Black Women

Although black women have fine stranded hair, the reason why they look dense is that the hair is curly. This characteristic makes it possible to obtain a thicker appearance with fewer grafts in hair transplantation. However, curly hair can cause complications, especially in the grafting stage of the hair transplant process. In black women, the epidermis layer (upper skin) surrounding the hair follicle is thicker and tenser than other ethnic groups. This may cause a high rate of graft damage during the uptake of the grafts.

Another possible complication is the risk of “keloid” development from scars during the healing process. The patients with black hair can achieve successful results with modern equipment, the right technique, and an experienced specialist.

In Turkey, we have been performing hair transplantation operation for black women with curly hair. Hair transplantation specialists in Turkey offers exceptional skills and extensive experience in ethnic hair restoration and ethnic cosmetic surgery. Many black women choose our highly qualified ethnic hair restoration specialists.

This hair transplant is much more technical and needs more attention than a straight hair transplant. Their hairline can be both short and mid-high, but people with other hair types have a higher hairline. Black women who experience hair loss can benefit from hair transplant surgery to regain their youthful appearance and natural hair.

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