Hair Transplant For Large Forehead

Hair Transplant For Large Forehead, Most of us people have a physical attribute about us that we would like to change. Thanks to modern medicine, we can intervene in some of these features. Some patients may complain about having a too large forehead. Whether it stems from a recession in the hairline or simply a genetic trait in the family does not matter. Nowadays doctors can do something about it. 

Modern medicine offers two distinct solutions to a larger than usual forehead. One of them is surgical advancement of the scalp. In this method, physicians excise part of the forehead skin. Then they pull the scalp skin towards the place of the removed skin and stitch it. Indeed, this method works well for some. But, as the procedure includes skin removal and cuts, it leaves a scar. The scar is generally very small, but it is still visible to a careful pair of eyes.

Reasons For Hair Transplant For Large Forehead

The other method we will focus on in this post is a regular hair transplant. Hair transplants for the large forehead are more popular than the scalp advancement method. With the FUE method, we carry the hairline forward without creating any visible scars. Also, some patients want to get rid of the unevenness on their forehead hair. Scalp advancement surgery merely carries the existing hair tissue forwards. So what this means is, if there is any imbalance, scalp advancement surgery will not solve this aspect. 

Customizability of FUE Method

In FUE hair transplants though, the patient gets to communicate with the doctor what he or she wants specifically. They can determine how forwards their new hairline will be. They can make adjustments with the doctor’s guidance for a more custom fit operation.

Determining the root cause of the large forehead is also important. People with a naturally high hairline and no family history of hair loss can opt for either procedure without second doubts. Although, if the patient expects to lose more hair, there are some things to consider. Right off the bat, scalp advancement surgery has no lasting effect on the hairline. If the hairline is going to recede further and disappear eventually, what is the point? 


So if you expect to lose more hair, you should get an FUE operation, right? Well, yes, but that is not the whole answer. There are things you should know if you are young, and your hair loss pattern has not entirely settled yet. You can choose to undergo an operation very early on, but still, your hair keeps shedding. Shedding hair will cause you to lose coverance and results will turn unsatisfactory as the days go by. So another operation might and probably will be necessary in order to maintain your appearance. What you can do is discuss your options with a doctor. And get informed about what can happen after the operation, then choose a plan that suits you well.

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