Hair Transplant in The Young Patient?

Hair Transplant in The Young Patient? So many people think that it would be better to have a Hair Transplant before be old. Young people have this idea to prevent hair loss, but have to be careful and do not rush.

Normally, this problem happens due to genetical heritage. Today, we know that the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) affects the androgenetic alopecia. This cause that hair begins to lose strength, vitality, colour and, eventually, disappear.

But, its good to have a hair transplant when you are young? Well, not at all. So many doctors don’t recommend young adults practice surgery at this age. If a specialist can say a number, it would be around 25.

Experts do not recommend hair transplant surgeries in young patients before 25 years old. Specialist can’t define if the donor area will be stable; if it is not, they won’t be abundant hair to transplant.

Young people have high expectations for surgery. But if they have excessive hair loss, the demand for hair will exceed the supply. If this happens, coverage would not be enough to cover the desired area. As well, expectations from patients won’t be as they want.

For patients younger than 25, experts recommend to wait and postpone the decision to have hair transplant operation. Experts can predict the stability of the donor area. As a result, the doctor can be sure the hair restoration procedure will be successful or not. A very important point that is the principal about this problem is predicting donor area stability. In young people, when androgenetic alopecia comes so early only can mean the hair loss will become extensive.

Why is the Donor Area so Important?

The donor area is a fundamental zone where a doctor will extract hair follicles and used to cover the bald area. Commonly, the back sides of the scalp are used since hair follicles are normally genetically resistant to DHT.

The doctor needs to take into consideration all the consequences of a hair transplant in a young person. If the patient doesn’t listen to this recommendation, the surgery results would be out of expectation and short duration.

Nevertheless, in the case of people under 25, the donor area isn’t defined, increasing the difficulty of hair transplantation surgery. From time to time, it’s better to see the evolution of the hair with a specialist consultation

In conclusion, if you are a person under 25 and you’re losing your hair, you wouldn’t think about hair transplantation now. Come and visit our specialists that can help you to determine your hair situation, and define your future possibilities.

Don’t be under pressure since for the moment it will better to let pass the time and check other options. By having the operation at a slightly older age, the patterns of your hair loss will be easier to define. As well, your hair expectation will be closer to reality.

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