Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Athens

Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Athens, Are you looking for a solution that would help you get rid of your hair loss problem? Hair transplants might be what you are looking for.

Millions of people struggle with hair loss throughout the entire world. Although it is a common issue, going through the period of hair loss is never easy. Our hairs have an essential effect on our overall appearance. So losing them is rather hard to accept. That’s where hair transplants come into play.

A single session of hair transplant can permanently restore your lost hair. When performed by a skilled surgeon, a hair transplant can give you hair that looks just like your original hair. But this raises the question of how you can find a place that can provide good results for affordable prices.

Many patients prefer having their hair transplants in other countries. This helps them save up some money. In this article, we will take a brief look at the hair transplants in Athens and Istanbul. Let’s start with the hair transplants in Athens.

Hair Transplant Athens

You can find several clinics throughout Athens that offer hair transplantation services. Most of these clinics focus on the standard FUE hair transplants. Some clinics also perform operations using the more advanced DHI method.

The prices for these operations seem cheaper compared to ones in the US and UK. However, the quality of these procedures may vary depending on the clinic.

Hair Transplant Istanbul

Istanbul attracts thousands of medical tourists seeking hair transplant each and every year. The number of patients coming to Istanbul is on the rise since this sector is advancing rapidly. And the prices for hair transplants are very affordable, allowing a wide population of patients with different income ranges.

esteGrande is the best place to get a hair transplant in Istanbul. We provide a wide selection of options for our patients in our centre. Our board-certified surgeons perform the standard FUE and the more advanced DHI hair transplants. Thanks to our cutting-edge equipment, our surgeons can also implement more advanced FUE techniques such as the Ice FUE and Sapphire FUE. 

But our services are not limited to just hair transplants. We also provide our customers with transportation, accommodation, and translation services to make it even more comfortable for them.

Istanbul vs Athens

Athens is the birthplace of democracy. That is why it is commonly referred to as the cradle of Western civilization. But Istanbul is also just as important, if not more. Istanbul, which separates Europe and Asia continents, is the place where Judaism, Christianity, and Islam meet. Both of these cities have a great history to them.

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