Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Belfast

Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Belfast, Are you suffering from hair loss? We know how troublesome that can be. Hair loss can lead to some serious psychological issues. It can cause you to lose your confidence and affect your personal relations. Not being comfortable in social situations can also lead to complications in your work life as well. But don’t you worry. Hair loss can be treated with a hair transplant.

In fact, hair transplants are the best solutions to balding. And they are permanent too! But where you get your hair transplant is an important matter. The skills and experience of your surgeon have a huge impact on your final results. But how can you find a place that offers guaranteed results with reasonable prices? Well, most patients prefer having their hair transplants abroad to save some money. Let’s take a look at hair transplants both in Belfast and Istanbul. This will help you with your final decision.

Hair Transplant Belfast

Belfast is a small city in Northern Ireland with less than 300,000 population. There are several clinics in this city that offer hair transplantation services. Most of these clinics implement the FUE method for hair transplants. However, some clinics offer noninvasive treatments such as mesotherapy. The quality they offer should be okay as they are approved clinics.

But there is a downside to these clinics that may cause the patients to look for a solution elsewhere. The prices for these procedures are simply too high.

Hair Transplant Istanbul

If you have been searching the Internet for a cure, you have probably seen the popularity of Istanbul when it comes to hair transplants. Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey, with more than 15 million people in its population, and many patients come here for their hair transplants.

Many patients wonder why the prices for hair transplants are so affordable in Turkey. It is certainly not because the quality is lower. In fact, Turkey has record numbers of internationally approved clinics throughout, and most of them are located in Istanbul. As for the reason why prices are so low, it is mainly because of the currency shifts. US dollars and UK pounds are considerably higher than Turkish lira. This allows medical tourists to have their operations for affordable prices relatively.

At esteGrande, we are very cautious about providing our patients with effective results while keeping the prices affordable. We offer packages that include transportation and accommodations for each patient.

Istanbul vs Belfast

Belfast is a beautiful city with many attractions, but it may not be the best place to get a hair transplant. Istanbul has a lot to offer, as well. You can have your hair transplant and then visit hundred- or even thousand-year-old historical places.

We boldly say that esteGrande is the best option for you. Book your free consultation now! No strings attached!

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