Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Berlin

Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Berlin, Are you suffering from hair loss too? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Hair loss is a common problem that the majority of both men and women struggle with. But hair transplants can fix hair loss problems permanently. You can regain your confidence and boost your appearance with a single hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Berlin

But where should you have your transplant? How can you save some money without compromising the quality? Well, many patients prefer having their hair transplantations abroad. Some countries offer good quality results with reasonable prices. So if you are also thinking about getting your hair transplant, you are in the right place. 

In this article, we will compare the hair transplants in Istanbul and Berlin.

Hair Transplant Berlin

You can find many clinics in Berlin that offer good-quality results to their patients. Most clinics usually provide the standard FUT and FUE hair transplants to their patients. Some clinics also implement the more-advanced FUE technique. Moreover, you can get supplementary treatments, such as the PRP and mesotherapy, in most clinics to boost your hair growth.

So clinics in Berlin more or less offer the services you can expect to find in the majority of other clinics. But there is a catch here. Hair transplantation prices in Berlin are rather overpriced, making them unreachable for most patients.

Hair Transplant Istanbul

Clinics in Turkey charge for a fraction of the amount usually charged in Berlin, or Germany in general. But why else should you prefer having your hair transplant in Istanbul?

Well, Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey. Huge investments have been made in this city to advance cosmetic applications in general. You might have already heard the popularity of Istanbul in this field. Increasing numbers of medical tourists come to Istanbul to have their procedures each year. But the medical centre you choose is essential. It can affect your results considerably.

We at esteGrande offer our patient’s very high-quality hair transplants with excellent results. And we do so with relatively affordable prices.

We care about helping our patients achieve their wishes, and we have been doing it for more than twenty years now. Our board-certified surgeons, who have performed over fifty thousand successful operations, are the best in this industry. 

However, having the best surgeons is not enough to get the best possible results. That’s why we implement the most advanced, cutting-edge technologies and techniques into our health institutions. You can freely choose the more advanced methods such as DHI, Ice FUE, and sapphire FUE hair transplants to get the best results.

Furthermore, we also offer all-in transportation, accommodation, and translation services to our customers.

Istanbul vs Berlin

Comparing these two beautiful cities would be fair. But when it comes to hair transplants, Istanbul is easily more exceptional. You can visit Istanbul’s historical landmarks and natural wonders while you are here. Book your consultation free of any charge now!

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