Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Dubai

Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Dubai, Hair transplant operation is a process that requires knowledge, experience, and foresight. It also requires using the most appropriate technology. Therefore, you should choose a centre with outstanding qualifications. 

Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Dubai

Hair transplant centres in Istanbul and Dubai usually have these qualifications. For smooth operation and successful results, you should visit Turkey—especially Istanbul.

Hair Transplant Istanbul

Istanbul is the first city that comes to mind when we think about hair transplant surgeries. There are lots of centres that offer satisfactory results with experienced surgeons here. After the surgery, you can visit the famous historical places of Istanbul, which has hosted many civilizations throughout history.

Here at esteGrande, we provide our patients with the latest technology in the field of hair transplant. Thanks to these procedures and our capable surgeons, you will have impressive results after the operation. When you look at the mirror, you will remember the fantastic time you spent in Istanbul.

Hair Transplant Dubai

The city of wealth, Dubai, also has many hair transplant centres with excellent opportunities. However, they are not suitable for every type of budget. Like most services in Dubai, hair transplant operations, there are relatively expensive compared to other places such as Turkey.

The weather conditions of Dubai are not very convenient for a healthy postoperative period due to extreme heat. You should find a cool place to stay if you want to explore Dubai. With delicate care, you may experience a comfortable healing process. Postoperative care is crucial for good results and a healthy healing process. Therefore, you should follow the recommendations of your doctor carefully.

Hair Transplant Success Rate Men

Although many hair transplant centres do not explain the gender issue in detail, the gender of the patient affects the success rate in hair transplant operations. Men have slightly better results compared to women. However, it is not difficult to achieve the desired results for either gender in the hands of experienced and capable surgeons.

There are specific indications of a successful hair transplant operation.

  • At least 90 per cent of the transplanted hair should hold on to the scalp and grow healthy.
  • The front hairline should not be too far behind or too far ahead. While being too far behind has a bald look, being too far prevents the natural look at a later age.
  • After the procedure, the target area should not be sparse; sufficient frequency should be obtained. It will not be aesthetically pleasing if there is a distinct frequency difference between the existing hair and the transplanted hair.
  • Transplanted hair should have a natural appearance, and hair follicles should be in a particular order.
  • The angle of the hair follicles should be adjusted well. When the channels are opened at right angles, you can have desired results after the operation.

The postoperative care is essential for successful results. Therefore, you should stop drinking alcohol and smoking for at least a month after your procedure. Smoking and drinking alcohol both prevent the red blood cells from performing essential oxygen-transport duties. Vitamin- and protein-based nutrition are other elements that will help you during the postoperative period. Follow your doctors’ suggestions for the ensured success of your procedure.

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