Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Edinburgh

Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Edinburgh, The most significant question mark in the mind of the person who decides to have a hair transplant is where to get the hair transplant. Hair transplant is not a vital operation, but it has aesthetic concerns. If the goal is to change our appearance, you should choose the best hair transplant centre. When choosing the hair transplantation centre, you should first pay attention to the city as well. Istanbul and Edinburgh are cities where you can get successful hair transplant operations.

Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Edinburgh

Although hair transplant prices seem to be higher in metropolitan cities, it is actually more economical in terms of price. As the competitive market pushes centres to be more affordable, you can now find reasonable prices for hair transplants. Additionally, you can find more accommodation and transfer opportunities in Istanbul.

There are many centres in Istanbul for hair transplants. However, many people prefer esteGrande as we offer very satisfying results. EsteGrande, which is a famous centre in the health sector, works with professional aesthetic physicians for those who want to have a hair transplant. Hair transplant is the best solution for obtaining accurate results for hair loss problem.

On the other hand, Edinburgh is also a good place in Europe to have aesthetical operations.  Also, you can explore this historical city after the hair transplant operations. Plan your trip accordingly with this factor in mind, and enjoy your operation.

Although the name of the city is important for the success of the operation, you should also still select the right centre for a comfortable procedure. There are certain qualifications you should consider while choosing the right facility.

Qualifications of a Good Hair Transplant Centre

The most critical factor affecting hair transplant operations is the experience of the hair transplant specialist. Having the most natural results in the hair transplant process depends on the hair transplant surgeons to a great extent. However, there are other factors to consider.

  • Hair transplant operations should be carried out in fully equipped centres that have obtained a certificate of approval by the Ministry of Health. The organisation must manage to provide a sterile environment free from noise and air pollution.
  • The centre wherein you will have your hair transplant should have technological devices for the analyses made before and during the operation. At the same time, the room where the procedure will take place must be sterile. Personal tools should be used to remove the grafts collected for the region to be planted. Hair transplantation should be done using modern techniques such as FUE and DHI.
  • The centre should definitely stay in touch with and support the patient after treatment. Contacting the patient after each session and getting information about the condition is one of the indicators that the hair transplantation centre is the right choice.

If your decision is to go to Istanbul for your hair transplant, esteGrande is the best option for you. At esteGrande, we have experts in this area, and we know the value of providing personalised service in hair transplants. Furthermore, we care about the importance of teamwork in hair transplant. Our experienced team offers permanent solutions with the right applications by designing a customised hair transplant plan just for you. esteGrande Instagram

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