Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Glasgow

Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Glasgow, Istanbul and Glasgow are two very ancient and storied cities involved in a very modern competition for supremacy. Today, it is a competition about which of them offers the best hair transplant procedure.

Hair Transplant Istanbul

Istanbul, which has lately become recognized as the powerhouse of hair transplant it has been for a while, is full of patients.

Istanbul’s streets fill every day with people walking with their heads wrapped around with bandages. A telltale sign of being patients of a hair transplant procedure aim at re-growing hair on previously balding zones.

The popularity of Istanbul over other destinations and the actual reason it is so attractive are simple: high quality and low prices. But how could that be?

Well, Turkey’s national economy allows much lower operational costs compared to countries such as the UK. These have the appeal of attracting patients worldwide that would find it excruciatingly difficult to pay UK prices.

People coming from Africa and the Middle East can also afford the treatment here without being high-income earners. Something they are surely thankful for.

As for quality, Turkish surgeons were among the first to apply DHI  and FUE hair transplant procedures. To this day, they’ve maintained that tradition, carefully training hair transplant surgeons in the country. To say nothing of the many foreign-born surgeons that come to practice in Turkey to broaden their clientele.

Hair Transplant Glasgow

Hair transplants in Istanbul are popular. So much that they even have begun draining clients from another popular destination: Glasgow.

Glasgow, Scotland, being a part of the United Kingdom offers, of course, UK prices for its high-quality hair transplants. And the ‘high’ in ‘high quality’ is an adjective we could surely apply to their prices as well.

Glasgow has a status as a sort of a VIP zone city for hair transplants. Due to the fact that many celebrities from the United Kingdom opt to have theirs done there. 

Of course, to get a celebrity quality hair transplant means paying a celebrity-tier price for it.

The average prices for hair transplants in Glasgow are 300% higher than Istanbul’s average, and that’s mostly for the cheapest. In contrast, Glasgow’s higher-priced hair transplant is around 1000% more costly than Istanbul’s. Not a small difference at all.

Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Glasgow: The Verdict

Due to now being an integral part of their economy, Istanbul makes sure of staying up to date with the latest techniques and equipment. Meaning that it has nothing to envy Glasgow for in that regard, making this a competition of prices.

Istanbul offers the same procedure with the same quality performed by a certified surgeon at a price that is many times lower than Glasgow’s.

Cost-effective and affordable. The fact that a considerable amount of UK residents chooses to opt for Istanbul as their option should be telling.

Istanbul and Turkey offer everything you can find in Glasgow and Scotland for a more attainable cost. If affordability is what you seek, Istanbul is the city to see.

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