Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Leeds, Today, there are many hair transplant centres around the world. However, it is essential to find out which of these centres offers the right quality of service. In this case, it is necessary to have information about the cities and opportunities to find the right hair transplantation centre. In Istanbul and Leeds, you can find professional hair transplant centres with impressive services.

Hair Transplant Istanbul

Istanbul is the capital city in terms of aesthetic operations. Hair transplant is among these operations by which you will be impressed. There are lots of hair transplant centres in Istanbul that offer a quality of service.

EsteGrande is among the best hair transplant centres in Istanbul. Our centre is a medical surgery centre that has certificates in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health. With our professional hair transplantation experts and experienced staff, we achieve the most natural-looking results in hair transplantation. 

We offer remarkably successful aesthetic solutions for hair transplantation, especially on the vertex (the upper-back region with a circular hair structure). Therefore, we get excellent customer satisfaction. Also, we do make our patients happy by providing services that satisfy many customers. You can be assured that we can solve your hair problems in a short time. Hair transplantation process takes from seven to eight hours, including breaks and analyses. We complete the process by informing the patient about how to maintain a healthy look for the hair.

Hair Transplant Leeds

Leeds is a good option if you decide on having a hair transplant in the UK. There are capable surgeons with a good education. Since the collection of grafts is a delicate process, the experience and capability of the hair transplant surgeons are of great importance. The hair transplant process lasts approximately eight to ten hours. And the hair transplant specialist and the team must be meticulous during the whole process.

Successful Results in Hair Transplant 

If there are not enough grafts for the hair transplant operation, experts can perform the necessary analyses and obtain the required hair follicles from somewhere else. From the results of the investigations done before the transplantation process, they determine the ideal number of grafts that can be transplanted by considering the quality of the hair follicles. 

Although seeing the ultimate results takes about one year after hair transplant, patients begin to express their satisfaction in the sixth month. In Istanbul, you can find quality service in capable hands.

Thanks to the latest technological devices used in the operations and sedation application, which is the most up-to-date anaesthetic method, you will not feel any pain and discomfort during the procedure. Also, FUE and DHI methods are available options, depending on the person’s hair structure and expectations from the operation.

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