Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Melbourne, In recent years, hair transplant methods have significantly improved, and more and more people prefer this operation to get their healthy hair back. Hair transplant is one of the most common aesthetic surgery operations performed all over the world. However, there are some cities that are known as the best places to have hair transplants, thanks to their professional centres and other opportunities. 

Istanbul is a thousand-year-old city with beautiful tourist sites and a unique atmosphere. However, many people from different places in the world know Istanbul for impressive hair transplant applications. Having a hair transplant in Istanbul may be the most accurate decision for you. You can visit the historical places of Istanbul after your procedure. It will be the most beneficial medical travel of your life. Besides, you can always remember this journey whenever you look at the mirror.

If you would like to visit an English-speaking country for hair transplant, your choice can be Australia. Melbourne has lots of hair transplant centres for good hair transplant procedure. However, it is unfortunate that you cannot go to the beach or explore the natural beauties of the continent after the operation. You can still find a protective hat and see the beautiful sites of Melbourne. Having hair transplant surgery in Melbourne can be a cultural experience. 

Although these two cities have professional and experienced centres for hair transplant, you should still be careful when selecting the right facility for you in each country. Do your research well before the operation for more likelihood of successful results. Istanbul is a better option for hair transplant procedures. There are lots of centres with the necessary qualifications. Especially in Istanbul, you can find the top-quality in centres like ours, esteGrande.

Qualifications of Hair Transplant Centres

More than one hundred thousand people travel around the world to benefit from hair transplant procedures. 

Located between two continents, Istanbul is one of these cities travelled to as it offers affordable prices with attractive accommodation opportunities. Due to the current currency of Turkish lira, people from Europe and the Middle East prefer to have hair transplant operations in Istanbul. 

On the other hand, Melbourne, which is a well-known tourist place, offers impressive results for hair transplant operations. These two cities can be considered as the best options to treat your hair loss problem permanently.

The choice of centre directly affects the success of the hair transplant procedure. An expert team and capable surgeons will make your operation more comfortable and successful. 

Here you can find some considerations while selecting the right hair transplant centre.

  • Experience of the surgeon
  • Quality of the equipment
  • Location of the centre
  • Professional team
  • Premium packages of hair transplant
  • The type of technique that the centre offers

As you can see, these factors are essential for healthy operation. If you decide to have a hair transplant in Istanbul, esteGrande will be the perfect centre for you. We offer impressive results with the latest technique in hair treatment solutions. You will enjoy your procedure from the time you arrive in Istanbul to your departure. Get in touch with us for a more detailed operation plan.

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