Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Palo Alto

Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Palo Alto, As hair transplant has become an international rage in resolving hair loss problems, it’s no wonder why it has become accessible anywhere in the world. Where you get a hair transplant speaks so much of its future success.

In this article, we look at hair transplants in Istanbul and Palo Alto. Two cities, the same product. Just what is the deciding factor in this conflict?

Hair Transplant Palo Alto

Palo Alto, California, happens to have one incredible advantage for itself: it is in the state of California, USA. It might not seem as much for the untrained eye, but remember that California is the richest state of the whole country. 

In fact, if California were its own sovereign country, it would instantly become the sixth-largest economy in the world. This means that people in California have money for cosmetic procedures, hair transplants included. 

Also, being close to Los Angeles, the worldwide capital of the entertainment industry is another advantage. It means many rich, media-involved people request it regularly. But it’s not all roses, though. Since the economy of the United States of America is the largest one, its wages and utility costs are also among the highest.

This is important because it translates into a higher price for the procedure, a price that you are the one to pay for. Since hair loss is a problem of all people, not only the richer ones, this leaves a large sector of the population by the side. Not able to afford them in their home country, they have to look for options elsewhere.

Hair Transplant Istanbul 

Luckily for them, they don’t have to search too much for the best price. Most already know it’s Istanbul. As the capital of Turkey, Istanbul represents the epicentre of the trendiest country to get hair transplants in. On average, there are anywhere between 100 to 500 hair transplants performed a week in Turkey. And most of these are in Istanbul.

But what is it that makes Turkey so particularly popular? The answer is, again, price. The Turkish economy allows offering lower prices to cosmetic procedures due to lower wages. Lower wages translate into lower operational costs, which lie reflected in the final price the consumer pays.

The fact that prices are lower does not affect their quality in the slightest. Turkish surgeons are accredited, skilled, and very experienced in this field. International hair restoration organisations attest to that fact. 

Hair transplants in Istanbul are so popular that they make up the majority of the $1 billion revenue the industry brings annually to Turkey. Foreign patients, many from the USA too, come to Istanbul for the sole intention of getting their procedure done affordably here.

Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Palo Alto: The Verdict

The ultimate answer to the question on who wins between hair transplant in Istanbul and hair transplant in Palo Alto comes down to affordability. In Palo Alto, you get the opportunity to get your done by a surgeon that has likely worked on your favourite actor’s hair (not that they would tell). 

In Istanbul, instead, you get yours for a very affordable price by an equally skilled and probably more experienced surgeon. Prices for hair transplants in Istanbul are 1/3 of the average price in Palo Alto for the same procedure and the same quality. If price is your concern, Istanbul is your choice. Not to mention the vacation you can have while you’re in Turkey anyway.

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