Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Rome

Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Rome, One of the best ways to treat hair loss permanently is the hair transplant. It has become widespread and gives perfect results, thanks to advancing technology and experience. Selecting the right centre has a significant effect on the results of this aesthetic surgery. Therefore, you should choose a city that is famous for its cosmetic surgery procedures. 

Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Rome

Istanbul and Rome are among the best cities in which you can have a quality of operation and explore the historical places. These two cities are a combination of history and medical procedures. Therefore, you can enjoy the beautiful sites and your successful hair transplant operation.

Rome is a city you can find aesthetic operations, including hair transplant procedures. These operations are of quality in Rome with slightly high prices. You can arrange a trip to Italy for hair transplant operations to see the beautiful fountain after comfortable surgery.

On the other hand, almost anyone knows that Istanbul is the capital city of hair transplant. It has lots of professional and experienced clinics that offer impressive results with excellent packages. Premium packages include anything you want from an aesthetic operation. Nearly ten thousand tourists visit Istanbul every month solely for the purpose of hair transplants. Therefore, you can find the best service if you choose the right centre in Istanbul. At esteGrande, we have capable surgeons and experienced staff for 100 per cent patient satisfaction.

Tourists who prefer another country for hair transplant have one question in their mind. They want to know the postoperative process of the procedure. Let’s examine the postoperative period in detail. You can see the average healing steps during the first three days.

Postoperative Period

The operation lasts approximately from six to nine hours according to the method used for hair transplant. In this sense, the DHI method lasts longer than the FUE. You can sleep, eat, or watch videos during the operation. There is no need to wait at the centre after the operation. Therefore, you can leave the hospital and go to your hotel room, which may be arranged by your centre.

Right after the operation, you will be wearing a headband to prevent the swelling. You can see lots of tourists wearing this band while visiting historical places. One day after the operation, you can get it removed. You may feel slight itching. However, this does not interfere with your daily life. Therefore, you can explore the cities comfortably.

On the second day, you will perform the first wash. You will get instructions for the first wash from your hair surgeons. According to the guidelines, gently wash your scalp with the recommended shampoo. Some clinics in Istanbul and Rome perform the first wash at the centre.

If you decide on visiting Istanbul for this operation, you should come to esteGrande for much better results. You can get in touch with us for more information about your procedure.

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