Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Sydney

Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Sydney, Hair transplantation is one of the most popular and definitive solutions for baldness. Of course, hair transplantation has a certain cost in terms of technology that it requires.    

 If you are thinking of having a hair transplant, you will, of course, wonder about the cost. In this article, we will help you with the most cost-effective hair transplantation. First of all, we recommend that you consider the factors affecting the cost.   

These factors may vary depending on many features of the country you choose.

For example:

  • the development of the city
  • ease of travel and visa
  • the quality of the technology used 
  • the tourist identity of the city

Both in Istanbul and Sydney, you can find successful services for hair transplant operations. However, Istanbul offers more affordable prices for every budget. Furthermore, it is easy to visit Istanbul for European citizens.

Hair Transplantation in Sydney 

Sydney is one of the oldest settlements in Australia. It is not the capital of the country, but it is the economic and social centre of the country. Sydney has the world’s largest natural port. Famous for its harbour and beaches, this city is the biggest address for sightseeing. As a result, the city received 10.67 million domestic visitors and 4.05 million international visitors last year.

Australian Dollars are used as the currency in Sydney. The currency code is AUD. One dollar equals almost one and a half Australian Dollar. 

Ranked in the top 15 in the list of the most expensive cities in the world, Sydney is also the most expensive city in Australia. Therefore, aesthetic operations, including hair transplant, are more expensive in Australia.


Located in the top 5 in the world in health tourism in Turkey hair transplantation economy totalled over $1 billion in 2018. Health tourism in Turkey in the last 9-10 years is a point of growing momentum and trend rising with each passing year. One of the biggest effects is really given the quality of health services, and Turkish physicians are successful.

Turkey continues to attract a lot of attention by offering health services to European standards. Hair transplant service was considered one of the most expensive and difficult operations in the world. Despite this perception, Turkey was able to settle among the first in this area. 

In particular, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, England and France as the European continent heavily on tourists coming to Turkey for hair transplant and cosmetic surgery. The biggest reason for this, of course, the quality at European standards is affordable in Turkey.

You also nice if you are planning a tourist trip to the plantation, and you must give Turkey a chance to evolving health care industry. You can get a European standard service and the opportunity to see important cultural heritages such as Hagia Sophia with easy visas travel comfort and lower prices. esteGrande Instagram

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