Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Toronto

Hair Transplant Istanbul vs Toronto, Hair transplant is the most successful option for treating hair loss. This treatment method is the transfer of hair follicles taken from the back of the head close to the neck. This area is not prone to the male type of hair loss. Therefore, it is the best option for a donor area. 

Hair transplant is a surgical and crucial operation for aesthetic appearance. Consequently, it is essential the select right centre, thereby the city for this procedure. Both Toronto and Istanbul are good options for a successful operation.

 Today, professional and successful centres offer the application of FUE and DHI techniques, which are the most preferred methods in hair transplantation. These methods provide traceless and healthy hair transplant operations for all patients. You can find these applications both in Toronto and Istanbul with excellent results.

Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Health tourism in Turkey has been rising momentum with each passing year. One of the most significant effects of this success is the successful applications of aesthetic surgeries. 

Hair transplant was not a widespread application in the world years ago. Turkish doctors evaluated this situation very well and quickly made private health investment in Turkey in the 1980s. The challenge brought the best applications and devices to Turkey. In Turkey, aesthetic applications such as hair transplant give impressive results. 

Turkey is one of the best in the world in hair transplant operations, taking first place in Europe. It adopted an outstanding promotion and marketing strategy. Turkey and especially Istanbul, has become a centre of attraction in the world, especially with the number of patients from abroad. The results are generally outstanding, and perhaps one of the most important reasons for this demand is the reasonable prices for hair transplant applications.

Turkey offers excellent quality on a hair transplant at affordable prices due to the currency of Turkish lira. Especially Middle Eastern Countries were visiting Turkey for hair transplant in the past. However, the number of Europeans who have had hair transplants in the last three years has exceeded other nationalities. In particular, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Britain and France prefer Istanbul for these operations.

Located in Istanbul, our centre, esteGrande, offers successful results at an affordable price point. With the experienced team and surgeons, you can get impressive results and comfortable postoperative process after hair transplant. Get in touch with us for detailed information on the process and Istanbul.

Hair Transplant in Toronto

Canada is one of the leading countries in many health services and especially hair transplant with its advanced technology and qualified scientists. In hair transplantation, mainly FUE technique is applied well in Toronto, Canada. However, when comparing prices with Istanbul, Toronto is relatively expensive for aesthetic operations such as hair transplant. esteGrande Instagram

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