Hair Transplant Istanbul vs. Washington

Hair Transplant Istanbul vs. Washington, Baldness is a common problem all over the world due to countless reasons. The reason might be stress, a hormonal disease, or following wrong steps on hair-care routine. Losing hair might affect you physically and psychologically since hair loss has major effects on anyone’s self-esteem.

Thanks to technology, a hair transplant operation is the best way to grow your hair back on your bald sites. The hair transplant procedure has multiple steps and takes about six to eight hours. It is safe, easy, and quick. Also, the recovery time is really short. 

Since it is a microsurgical operation, it requires a sterile medical environment. Apart from this, it is always better for you to undergo this operation with an experienced doctor and a team that works in harmony. There are so many doctors and so many places to get a hair transplant operation. But today, Turkey is the best country for this procedure. 

Turkey attracts millions of tourists every year, not only for its amazing holiday destinations but also for its cost-efficient surgical operations. If you do not want to go far away from home, we recommend you to think twice. Would you choose better results and comfort or somewhere else just because they are closer?

Hair Transplant Operation in Turkey vs Washington

Washington has many experienced doctors when it comes to a hair transplant procedure. However, there are dozens of doctors in Istanbul, Turkey, alone that perform very high-quality hair transplant operations. Thus, you will have more choices in Turkey, and you will be able to choose the one you like the best.

Another important thing that the patients look for is the cost of the operation. While a hair transplant procedure is really expensive in Washington, in Turkey, these numbers noticeably go down.

Even if you include the plane tickets and accommodation, you will still save thousands of dollars just by choosing Turkey. Besides, most of the clinics offer full-package options for the hair transplant, including transfer and accommodation. Thus, you will get amazing results without paying too much. Regarding rates of all-inclusive packages, you may contact us for more details.

In addition to this, Turkey manufactures most of its own medical equipment. This allows doctors to use the latest equipment in the field. Turkey offers its patients the latest technology, which leads to better results.

Apart from this, travelling abroad might be challenging for anyone since there are a lot of procedures that you need to take care of. Luckily, you do not have to worry about visa procedures when it comes to Turkey. You can get a visa to travel to Turkey online, only in three minutes.

Other Advantages of Getting Hair Transplant in Turkey

And last but not least, getting a hair transplant surgery in Turkey will turn your recovery into a magical touristic trip. Lie back and put your trust in the experienced Turkish doctors such as our specialists here in esteGrande. And enjoy every single moment before and after the operation while you are getting back your thick, beautiful hair. esteGrande Instagram

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