Hair Transplant Manchester vs Istanbul

Hair Transplant Manchester vs Istanbul, Hair has been an essential aesthetic value for people in every age and has always been a critical beauty concept. Therefore, a wide variety of methods have been tried throughout history to prevent hair loss and baldness. In Europe, hair transplant operations have become widespread. Turkey and England have many centres that offer a quality of service.

Hair Transplant Istanbul

Turkey has a stable place in the world’s health tourism with countless patients coming abroad. Aesthetic procedures have the most considerable share in this success. Besides, solely the economy of hair transplant across the country has exceeded 1 billion dollars.

A significant number of patients come to Turkey from countries such as Spain, UK, Italy, Brazil, Germany and the Netherlands. There are dozens of hair transplant centres in Turkey, most of which are located in Istanbul. 

Turkey is in third place in the world in terms of aesthetic operations, taking first place in Europe. It adopted an outstanding promotion and marketing strategy for hair transplant operations. Therefore, it has become a centre of attraction in the world with its successful applications. 

Turkey offers advanced technology with qualified scientists and hygienic operation centres. Therefore it is one of the leading countries, especially in hair transplant applications.

After DHI and  FUE techniques improved, fruitful results have become common in Turkey. Thanks to the latest technology, there is never an unnatural appearance and pain. In these methods, visual disturbances and pain were inevitable in the postoperative procedure.

In esteGrande, we offer the latest techniques for more successful results. Besides, we only work with the best surgeons and medical crew to provide our patients with a comfortable operation process. You can contact us to learn more about our procedures.

Hair Transplant Manchester

Manchester is a suitable city for hair transplant operations. However, its rainy weather may make the postoperative period a little bit more complicated. As you have to protect your scalp from outer impact, you should use an umbrella and at least a hat. Therefore, sightseeing or exploring the city might be frustrating for you after the operation.

On the other hand, England has a vital place in the history of hair transplant applications. However, the important thing is not the history but the latest technologies. Therefore, Turkey and Istanbul is the best option to have a hair transplant.

History of Hair Transplant

The first hair transplant in history was in 1822 by Diegonbach. From 1822 to the present day, many ineffective methods have been tried, but with the latest technology, all these failures remained in the dusty pages of history. 

From 1822 to 2020, many techniques were tried to treat hair loss apart from these studies. Finally, DHI and FUE method advanced their final state to provide the patients with perfect results. Hair transplant continues to develop thanks to the latest studies.

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