Hair Transplant Reversal vs Repair

Hair transplant reversal vs repair, Most of the people who have undergone hair transplant surgery state that this is their first time. Our clinic is extremely meticulous, and our doctors are highly experienced. However, there are some centres or clinics that offer extremely cheap hair transplant. This results in some problems on the scalp. They often do not like the procedure and the way their hair look.

Hair Transplant Reversal vs Repair

Very large grafts, anterior hairline problems, grass man appearance, scars, hair are some of the common problems that the patients experience after hair transplant. Hairline problems are also common aesthetic problems. Although most of the clinics use the FUE technique, some others still use FUT, which may cause risky medical situations. There are two ways to solve these problems. That is where hair transplant repair and hair transplant reversal procedures come to the stage.

While hair transplant repair and reversal procedures can certainly improve the results of a previous operation, you won’t get a good result as in hair transplant surgery. That is another reason why it is so important to get it right the first time. Whether you want to repair or reverse your hair transplant surgery, our only aim is to leave you beyond satisfied. However, we recommend you to have a new hair transplant procedure rather than repairing the first one.

Hair Transplant Repair

Most of the time, patients come to discuss a hair transplant repair because they are unsatisfied with the results of a previous hair transplant. They are seeking another procedure that will make their hair look like what they expected before. They also want to conceal the scars and poor image with a new procedure.

Doctors analyze the transplanted hair, and if they think that the issue is unnatural looking hair, they try to remove it. They arrange them to better-looking grafts and re-transplant into the scalp. A new FUE operation might be necessary if you think that hair looks still bad. They might conceal the scars with FUE technique as well.

Hair Transplant Reversal

Although these two methods are to put the new hair in better condition, their side aims are completely different. Those who want to have hair transplant repair would like to keep transplanted hair, whereas those who want reversal want everything gone. They won’t want others to know that they had an initial procedure. Therefore, hair surgeons try to reverse the hair transplant. This may also involve the same techniques that we mentioned above.

There are two techniques that clinics offer for hair transplant reversal: graft removal and the camouflage technique. Like the initial procedure, doctors collect the hair grafts, and they do not transplant them into the scalp again. However, this is a more difficult process than a hair transplant. Doctors should pick the grafts individually with extremely fine punches. On the other hand, the camouflage technique is transplanting hair again to cover bad grafts on the scalp. In this way, you can get a natural hairline.

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