Hair Transplant Shedding, One of the most common doubt before considering the hair plant transplantation is whether the planted hair is going to shed or not. It is a natural condition in the view of the fact that the money we will spend and all the process we will be in. But we can say that it is not going to happen.

Hair Transplant Shedding

There are several causes of hair shedding. It could be malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, genetic inheritance, hormonal disorder and stress. Any of these can be the hidden problem behind the alopecia.

There are natural treatments to slow or terminate the hair loss. Some are to cure the patient by reorganizing lifestyle and nutrition. But there are situations in which surgical operations are needed to be done, like genetic factors and DHT hormone discharge. 

The DHT hormone is known to be responsible for hair shedding. It is a metabolite of the testosterone hormone of the men body. And generally affect the upper head. Almost every patient that applied for the transplantation wants the procedure for their upper heads. That’s why the practitioners plant the hair taken from the lateral and inferior parts of the head. 

What is The Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a surgical operation that aims to grow hair in the bald area of the head. Follicles are taken from the back of the neck and planted to the recipient side. The most common technique is the FUE method. The surgeon uses micro blades to pierce the sides for receiving hair bulbs, then plant them in accordance with the hair pattern which the patient has determined. 

Purpose of the operation is to terminate the baldness and prevent it from occurring in future. The experiences, studies and scientific proves show that the hair loss ends in most cases. And the patient regains old healthy hair of own. But that does not guarantee that there will not be any reaction of your body to operate. 

Will There be No Hair Loss at All?

A month passed after the operation. You are looking at your new hair in the mirror; everything seems perfect, and you touched your new hair. Then suddenly realized that your hand was full of pilar. You may consider the shock loss as a failed result of the hair transplantation. There is no need to be scared.

It is an ordinary circumstance that called shock loss and can be seen %95 of all patients. You do not only lose your original hair but also planted hair can be lost. It is actually a biological indicator of your body, showing that the operation has done successfully. Keep in mind that you did not lose your hair follicles which had been transplanted. And your hair will grow next month. Then you can be sure that the injected hair will be much stronger. 

But do not forget that the success of the hair transplantation procedure also depends on the quality of the clinic and practitioner. Before deciding to have a hair transplant operation, try to find a clinic of good quality and suitable for your budget.

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