Hair Transplant Turkey vs Australia

Hair Transplant Turkey vs Australia, One of the most preferred hair loss treatment methods, hair transplant offers impressive results for all types of hair loss. As the hair follicles from the back of the neck are used, they do not shed as they are resistant to DHT hormone. Therefore, you can get a permanent solution with a hair transplant. Also, the centre in which you are going to have the operation has a critical effect on the results of hair transplant procedures. 

Hair Transplant Turkey vs Australia

In Turkey and Australia, you can find quality centres which offer safe solutions to hair loss and hair thinning.

Hair Transplant Turkey

Turkey should be the first option when you think of having a hair transplant operation. There are lots of reasons why you should prefer Turkey, especially Istanbul, for a hair loss treatment. For these reasons, Turkey has become the most preferred country for aesthetic operations in the world. Some of these reasons are

  • Experience of the surgeons
  • The professionalism of the centres
  • Affordable prices
  • Latest technology techniques
  • The success rate of the hair transplants

Especially the capability of surgeons is the main reason why patients prefer Turkey for aesthetic operations. Transplanting the right amount of hair grafts will give you your desired look. It requires great expertise to obtain a natural look with a sufficient number of hair follicles. There are lots of experienced surgeons in Turkey who can perform a flawless operation. 

First, they analyse the scalp to determine the density and frequency. Then, they transplant hair follicles one by one considering the angle.

At esteGrande, we only work with the top surgeons in the country. With our experienced team and capable surgeons, you will get impressive results and a natural look. Furthermore, our surgeons work meticulously to make you comfortable and provide you with smooth operation. Give us a call and get for yourself an esteGrande experience.

Hair Transplant Australia

Australia is a great place to spend your holiday. That said, the country offers hair transplant operations as well. There are lots of centres in Australia. However, their qualities are changing according to the city. Therefore, you should do your research well to find a professional and quality centre. Due to the currency of Australian dollars, it might be more expensive to have a hair transplant operation in Australia.

The weather conditions of Australia may also be dangerous for a healthy postoperative period. Extreme humidity can make you sweat. And sweating does not have a good effect on hair follicles in the first week as they cannot hold on to the scalp. Therefore, you should be careful if you decide on having a hair transplant in Australia. Should you go through with it, try to find a protective hat for better results and a more comfortable healing period.

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