Hair Transplant Turkey vs Germany

Hair Transplant Turkey vs Germany, Hair loss is a popular concern amongst many men and women. Regardless of ethnicity, age, or gender, anyone can experience hair loss, and there are many possible reasons for this. Hair loss may stem from stress, hereditary factors, hormonal disturbances, or certain diseases. 

Each day hundreds of people start seeking a permanent solution to their hair loss issue. A few decades ago, we didn’t have much we could do about this. But with the development of technology, there is hope now. 

The contemporary methods of hair transplantation offer very natural-looking results for those who seek treatment. Thanks to these methods we have, it is nearly impossible to tell if a person has had a hair transplant before now. Of course, since we have more technologically advanced tools and methods, the cost and efficiency of hair transplantation also skyrocketed, more so in some countries.

It is possible to get high-quality hair transplant treatment in many countries, including Turkey and Germany. However, between these two countries, when it comes to affordability, the cost of hair transplantation is much higher in Germany.

Hair Transplant Germany

The demand for hair transplantation is increasing year by year. Since Germany is and has been an important medical centre in Europe with its high-quality hospitals, this country is also keeping up. However, hair restoration treatment is not one of the fields German hospitals specialise in. And with less competition in the hair restoration industry, hair transplantation centres in Germany are able to set a higher price. 

The price tag on hair transplantation in Germany is immensely high. Though the quality of operation and service may be the same as Turkey. Depending on the intensity of your hair loss, the cost of hair transplantation in Germany may multiply by three times. In Turkey, however, the number of grafts have no significant impact on the cost of operation. 

So with this in mind, an intensive hair transplant operation may cost four or even five times more in Germany. The methods and techniques of the operations aside, getting the same hair transplant in Turkey rather than in Germany will still save you 60 per cent on average. 

Hair Transplant Turkey

Turkey, a country already popular for its tourist attractions, developed medical tourism drastically.

We have esteGrande health services in Istanbul, offering a solution to hair loss patients from all around the world. We have been doing so for twenty years. At esteGrande, we employ the safest and the newest equipment for hair transplantation at an affordable price.

In our state-of-the-art facilities, we employ the most experienced staff. Our staff always values the safety and the satisfaction of each patient. Our patients’ testimonials and results are proof of our quality of service.

Besides, our doctors have years of experience in the field of hair restoration. This aspect is the main contributor to foreigners seeking hair loss treatment in Turkey.

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