Hair Transplant Turkey vs India

Hair Transplant Turkey vs India, There are lots of countries where you can get quality services for hair loss treatments. Turkey and India are one of those countries that have reasonable prices for hair transplant. What makes them unique is their professional centres. They have experienced staff and capable surgeons. You should consider features such as reliability, professionalism, and prices while deciding on the country where you will get aesthetic operation.

Hair Transplant Turkey 

Hosting many civilizations for hundreds of years, Turkey is now visited by an influx of tourists for aesthetic operations. Successful hair transplant is one of the reasons why tourists prefer Turkey. It has a number of reliable hair transplant centres.

Moreover, these centres offer the latest transplant methods, such as FUE and DHI, which changed the standards of hair transplant procedures. If your choice is Istanbul for hair transplant, we will be happy to see you in our centre here at esteGrande. Expert surgeons and professional team await to be at your service for a successful procedure.

On the other hand, centres in Turkey offer affordable prices for every budget. Due to the currency exchange of Turkish lira, people from Europe and the Middle East prefer Turkey for many aesthetic operations. Although centres in Turkey offer less expensive procedures, the quality is absolutely just as impressive, if not more. Therefore, the quality-price ratio is going to be satisfying for every budget.

Hair Transplant India

India is a country that is famous for its technological improvements. Thanks to these improvements and advances in technology, aesthetic operations have become good. Hair transplant is among these operations. 

The quality of the equipment for hair transplant affects the success of the procedure to a great extent. Therefore, you should choose the centre with the latest technology equipment for healthy and comfortable operation.

What Should You Do After the Operation

You should be careful after your operation while enjoying the city sights and historical places. Follow our suggestions for a healthy postoperative period.

  • After the operation, you can leave the centre whenever you please. You will be wearing a headband for approximately three days, however, to avoid traumas.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages and cigarettes for at least two weeks as they slow down the healing process.
  • You can apply ice to your forehead to avoid swelling of the area.
  • Avoid steam, sauna, sunbathing for two weeks.
  • Sexual intercourse may affect the adaptation of hair follicles. Therefore, avoid sexual activities and heavy exercises for two weeks.
  • Most centres offer to do the first postoperative wash of your hair at their facility. However, you can have your first wash on the third day according to the instructions of your doctor.

Here at esteGrande, we will educate you more about the postoperative process and recommend products you can use after the operation. We think and plan everything thoroughly for a comfortable healing period.

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