Hair Transplant Turkey vs Japan, Hair loss and baldness had been serious aesthetic problems for thousands of years. The invention of the hair transplant procedure was a miraculous solution for those who want to restore their hair. 

When you choose the right hair transplant centre for this procedure, the results are highly satisfying. In contrast, the services of a lousy hair transplant centre can be catastrophic and make you regret having a hair transplant in the first place. 

We can all agree that the hair transplant centre that you choose plays an important role in the final results that you will be receiving. Therefore, you need to check the quality of the hair transplant centre before you make the final decision and have your hair transplant there.

The location of the hair transplant centre that you choose for the procedure is vital for having a good experience throughout the whole process because some countries are simply not as good as the others regarding their hair transplant services.

Turkey has been in the hair transplant industry for decades now. And as esteGrande, we are very proud to be one of the best hair transplant centres in Turkey. We always follow the latest innovations in the hair transplant industry and we better ourselves by using these in our hair transplant facility in Istanbul, Turkey.

People who choose to have a hair transplant in Japan is very few, and there are reasons for that. The advanced technologies that we have in our hair transplant facility in Turkey are far more sophisticated than what the Japanese hair transplant centres use. Let us compare these two countries and find out which one is a better choice!

Hair Transplant Turkey

The countries where the hair transplant centres that can offer a high-quality hair transplant is very few. Besides, the prices that you need to pay for their services are unreasonably high. However, if you decide to have a hair transplant in esteGrande facilities in Istanbul, Turkey, you will not be disappointed.

Because esteGrande offers high-quality hair transplant services for an affordable price. Moreover, the location of Istanbul is easy to reach from any country around the world because it is located between the Asian and European continents.

The methods and the tools that we use for a hair transplant in Turkey are highly advanced. This is due to the fact that there is a lot of people who wish to have a hair transplant in Turkey, and the Turkish people highly value the aesthetical beauty of hair.  

Hair Transplant Japan

Having a hair transplant has many disadvantages. First of all, Japan is very far to travel. It may be hard to find a cheap flight ticket to Japan, and this will add up to the total price that you pay for a hair transplant. Besides, your plane will take a lot of time for reaching Japan. So, if you do not like long flights, you will find this extremely uncomfortable. 

The costs of hair transplant in Japan is also very high compared to the usual prices around the world. However, this does not mean that they offer better quality. It is just because the cost of medical procedures in Japan is expensive. Cosmetic procedures such as a hair transplant are no exception.


Travelling to Turkey for having a hair transplant in esteGrande facilities in Istanbul is a much better option than having it in Japan. Japan is harder to travel and more expensive than Turkey. Besides, Japan does not have a high demand for hair transplants, and therefore, they do not have any decent hair transplant centres. Contact esteGrande now for receiving a detailed diagnosis and planning followed by a high-quality hair transplant!

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