Hair Transplant Turkey vs Lithuania

Hair Transplant Turkey vs Lithuania, Without any doubt, it is safe to say that Turkey is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations. This applies to hair transplants even more so. When looking for a place, people seeking hair transplantation often consider secondary costs too.

Hair Transplant Turkey vs Lithuania

The secondary costs we’re talking about include travel and accommodation costs. Often medical centres in Turkey offer all-inclusive packages just like the hotels. We offer transportation-and-accommodation inclusive packages. 

The most important factor for many people is the price of getting a hair transplant. Countries like Turkey and Lithuania offer quality service with affordable pricing options to patients from all around the world. 

It could cost anywhere from €3,000 to €20,000 to get a hair transplant in high-income countries. The price of hair transplantation in the United Kingdom, Norway, the United States of America, Japan, and similar high-income countries are pretty high. However, getting the exact same operation in Turkey costs a mere fraction of the prices in these countries.  Of course, Lithuania is significantly cheaper than the countries we mentioned above. But as Lithuania is a European country, the taxation over everything makes everything a bit more expensive.

The Procedures of Hair Transplantation

Nowadays, doctors use three hair transplantation methods. The first of three methods is quite old now, so we see fewer and fewer operations of this kind with each passing day.

FUSS (follicular unit strip surgery) is this outdated method that many doctors no longer use. As the name suggests, the doctor takes out a strip of hair-bearing skin for this surgery. This brings us to the main reason people do not want this type of operation anymore: The excision of strip leaves a sizable scar around the donor area.

Now back to our topic, we mentioned there are two very modern and popular methods of hair transplantation. They are called FUE (follicular unit extraction) and DHI (direct hair implantation). We utilise both of these methods extensively and sometimes even do a combined operation. In combined operations, we do both FUE and DHI at the same time for better results.

Hair Transplant Turkey

For many, travel expenses can climb up pretty fast, depending on their location. Geographically and geopolitically, Turkey owns the status of being an exchange point for many flights. So many different countries have pretty frequent flight timetables towards Istanbul.

As you can guess, more flights mean more competition, and more competition means competitive pricing policies. It is so simple to fly to Istanbul from Europe, Africa, Asia, or even America and Oceania. 

Hair Transplant Lithuania

Compared to Turkey, it is a bit harder to find direct flights towards Lithuania. The population of Lithuania affects this too, as the Lithuanian population is significantly lower than even Istanbul alone. For those of you curious about it, the Lithuanian population is about 2.8 million while Istanbul alone is home to over 15 million people.

Getting a successful procedure from a reliable and experienced centre is not enough to get you the results you want. The aftercare is just as important as the pre-op care and procedure techniques.

Therefore, whether you get your hair transplant from Istanbul or Lithuania, you should pay attention to the guidelines and suggestions of your hair transplant centre and surgeon for best results.

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