Hair Transplant Turkey vs Malaysia

Hair Transplant Turkey vs Malaysia, The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery issued a report in 2010. This report mentions that there have been 923,000 documented hair transplant surgeries worldwide. On another interesting note, they published the number of hair restoration surgeries conducted in the Middle East and Asia. We see that the Middle East has seen a four-and-a-half-fold increase in operations, and for Asia, the increase is three-and-a-half-fold. 

Hair Transplant Turkey vs Malaysia

More and more people become open to the idea of restoring their looks via hair transplantation. Throughout the years, the stigma around getting a hair transplant withered away. The main reasons for that are the advancements in hair transplant technology and, subsequently, the good results people got. Who can forget about the time when Wayne Rooney, the British football player, got his hair transplantation, right?

Monetary Concerns Surrounding Hair Transplantation

The operation may not be burdensome for the patient, but it is burdensome for the patient’s wallet. Patients from economically developed countries especially suffer from high treatment costs, due to higher taxation and maintenance costs the clinics’ experience.

That’s why many people seek hair loss treatments abroad. Countries like Turkey and Malaysia offer a solution for people seeking to save some pennies. 

Clinics in Turkey have a great track record in hair transplants. Our surgeons at esteGrande are able to perform numerous types of hair restoration treatments for patients under different conditions. You can book an online consultation with our team to learn more about your options for hair restoration.

Which Country Offers a More Affordable Service

When we compare the pricing of hair transplantation operations in Turkey and Malaysia, we see an insignificant difference between them actually. For both FUE and DHI operations, the price tags stay pretty close together.

Since there is an equality in pricing, different deciding factors come into play, such as the following:

  • The costs of travelling to and from the country
  • Cost of accommodation
  • Quality of medical care provided
  • Experience of the physician

Let’s delve deeper inside and get a better grasp at our options.

Turkey or Malaysia?

Both countries have quite a lot of tourist attractions, and often people like having a holiday alongside their operation in the country they visit. 

Turkey has a slight advantage in this aspect. As you see, our centre is in Istanbul, and this city surely is medical tourism heaven. Meanwhile, it is also quite an important city in terms of history and culture. The city has been standing here for three thousand years. It has seen many civilisations come and go. When you come here, you will get to witness the culture and history of different communities and nations in Istanbul.

Plus, if you live in Europe, the Middle East, or Northern Africa, there’s a thing you should realise about travelling costs. It will most likely be much cheaper to fly here than to Malaysia.

How to Get Rid of Split Ends?

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Dyeing Your Transplanted Hair

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