Hair Transplant Turkey Vs Newcastle

Hair Transplant Turkey Vs Newcastle, Medical tourism is on the rise in Turkey, especially when it comes to many cosmetic or aesthetic surgical procedures such as hair transplants.

Turkey remains to be one of the top leaders in the world for cosmetic enhancement surgeries. This is mainly because of its reasonable prices plus high standards in services.  

In the United States and other places such as in Newcastle, hair transplant would usually cost $13,000 to as much as $25,000. The price is pretty much the same in other European countries. 

However, in Turkey, the price is much affordable. This accounts for why Turkey is a popular medical tourism destination for many people all over the world.

Hair Transplant Turkey vs Newcastle – Explosion in Turkey’s Medical Industry

Turkey has a $1-billion medical industry in 2014 – this has extremely grown for several years. The hair transplant industry is continuously growing.

A hair transplant in Turkey costs much cheaper in comparison to other countries. 

Turkey is now a travel destination for many tourists for various operations. They would bring their family to Turkey while being scheduled for cosmetic beauty treatment procedures.

The low cost of these cosmetic surgeries makes Turkey a key player in the world of medical tourism. Also, the operation quality is better than most of the countries in the world, including the UK.

That’s why Turkey is a premier destination for medical tourism, mainly because of the affordable price and quality of cosmetic surgeries.

Hair Transplant Turkey vs Newcastle – Experienced Surgeons at Work

Surgeons in Turkey are highly experienced and competent. They are at par or better than surgeons from other parts of the world.

Hair transplants were previously available using the FUT method, which is the oldest technique. Now, FUE and DHI are also options for having a healthy and successful hair transplant. With them, the patients would be 100% pain-free as compared to using the FUT method. Thanks to the great hospitality and customer-care here, hair transplant in Turkey provides faster recovery rates and impeccable results.

At our health centre, we serve you with the most successful and contemporary methods in the industry. As a result, we have the top customer-satisfaction rate in Turkey.

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