Hair Transplant Turkey vs South Africa

Hair Transplant Turkey vs South Africa, Travelling abroad for having a hair transplant may be a good idea. Thousands of people do this every year. However, before you choose the location where you are going to have your hair transplant, you need to look into the qualities of the hair transplant centres in that country.

When you choose a reliable hair transplant centre with experienced doctors, the success rate of a hair transplant is going to be very high. But, making a bad choice may result in undesirable experiences. 

For the high-quality services of their hair transplant centres, Turkey is one of the most successful countries in the hair transplant industry. And as esteGrande, we are proud to have the best hair transplant facility in Istanbul, Turkey.

Some people consider South Africa as the location of their hair transplant centre. In our article, we will compare the hair transplant services of Turkey and South Africa, then decide which one is a better choice.

Hair Transplant South Africa

The hair transplant centres in South Africa are usually quite expensive. And even though they ask for a high price, their services are still not as good as what our hair transplant facility offers in Turkey. 

Although it is possible to find a hair transplant centre in South Africa that offers cheaper options, their services are going to be low quality. Besides, there is also a possibility of going to an illegal hair transplant centre in South Africa. 

South African hair transplant centres sometimes charge additional fees for things like anaesthesia during the hair transplant operation. This can be an uncomfortable surprise for your budget.

Travelling to South Africa may be harder than travelling to Turkey because South Africa is at the southern edge of the African continent. Unless you reside in a neighbouring country to South Africa, this will make it hard for you to travel there. Besides, the frequency of flights to South Africa is quite limited.

The hair transplant centres in South Africa sometimes charge additional fees for things like anaesthesia during the hair transplant operation. Our hair transplant facility in Turkey is going to offer you prices that include all your hair transplant expenses except your flight ticket. This means that you will not be facing any extra costs after the hair transplant operation. 

Hair Transplant Turkey

Turkey is a Eurasian country located between the European and Asian continents. This makes it extremely easy to travel to Turkey from any part of the world. Millions of people travel to Turkey every year for different reasons. And having a hair transplant operation is one of the most common types of medical tourism in Turkey. 

Going to an illegal hair transplant centre in Turkey is almost impossible. This is due to the heavy penalties for people who practice any sort of medical procedure without being officially registered. And when you choose esteGrande facilities for your hair transplant, you choose one of the most reliable places for having a hair transplant.

As soon as you land in Istanbul, we pick you up from the airport and then guide you through the whole process. This is not something that every hair transplant centre offers. But we are esteGrande, and we offer all these services to our patients.


Due to the facts we have noted above, a hair transplant in Turkey, especially in esteGrande facilities, is way better than having a hair transplant in South Africa. So, why not consult the esteGrande facilities and book your hair transplant operation now? We offer high-quality services for affordable prices. Get in touch with us now and find out more!

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