Hair Transplant Turkey vs South Korea

Hair Transplant Turkey vs South Korea, With each passing year, statistics report a bigger demand for hair transplants. This is mainly due to the results we get from hair transplant surgeries. As you can see, certain technological advancements have enabled doctors to transplant hair much more efficiently. Also, we can now do transplants with much more natural-looking results than before. 

Hair Transplant Turkey vs South Korea

Having established the effectiveness and success of hair transplant operations, now we look into the best places to get a hair transplant.

In this article, we examine the pros and cons of getting hair transplants in Turkey and South Korea.

Hair Transplant South Korea

According to a report released in 2016, around 2,100 medical tourists paid a visit to Korea in 2016. The report stated that patients did not complain about the quality of service they got. Although around 40 per cent of the visitors stated that they felt the language barrier interfered with their procedures. Also, 30 per cent of the patients said that the treatments could be a bit more affordable as well.

Korea is a high-GDP country. The quick industrialisation Korea has gone through earned the country a place among the high-income, advanced countries. The same goes for Turkey too, though recent economic climate and policies created a rupture on exchange rates. 

Hair Transplant Turkey

Although the two countries may offer the same levels of results in hair transplant surgeries, the stark difference lies in the accessibility of the services. When we consider the pricing factors, we can definitely come into conclusion that Turkey offers a cheaper solution to your hair-related problems. It can cost up to 2.5 to 3 times more to get hair transplantation in South Korea than in Turkey.

esteGrande Health Services

At esteGrande health services, we offer solutions to a wide array of health and cosmetic issues. And we do so with impeccable proficiency. We are located in Istanbul, Turkey, and patients from all around the world come to us seeking remedies to their hair loss problems. Along with hair transplants, our health services centre also offers a plethora of other aesthetic procedures.

As a pioneer in hair transplantation, we always keep our hair transplantation procedures up-to-date. Our health services and our team in Istanbul will gladly help you make a decision concerning your hair. 

Also at esteGrande, we offer interpretation services in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German too.

In our centre, we do the most recent methods of hair transplants: DHI and FUE. They are the most efficient hair transplantation methods nowadays. In order to get the best possible results out of each hair transplantation, our doctors and medical staff follow strict rules. This operation is minimally invasive, but this does not mean that we should lower our guards of course.

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