Hair Transplant Turkey vs Thailand, Hair transplant has become a common application because of the widespread hair loss problem. Due to excessive stress, genetic factors, and diseases, many people are experiencing hair loss and hair thinning. The most permanent solution for hair loss is hair transplant operation. 

You can find good quality of this service in different countries. Turkey and Thailand are among those countries where you can have hair transplants in professional centres. However, Turkey has various advantages in terms of comfort, professionalism, and prices.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Thousands of people visit Turkey every year for aesthetic procedures. However, hair transplant operations have the most significant share of these cosmetic procedures. Therefore, Turkey has become the most reliable country for hair transplants. Many centres offer specific qualifications for a smooth surgical operation. They only provide the latest and safest techniques to increase the success rate of the procedure. 

At esteGrande, you can benefit from these techniques in capable hands. If your decision is to go to Istanbul for a hair transplant, search for us on the Internet and learn more about our centre. 

Hair Transplant in Thailand

Most people know Thailand for its natural beauties and tourist attractions. However, it has become a famous country also for its hair transplant centres. The centres there offer cheap services to those who prefer Thailand for hair transplant operations. Besides, many facilities in this country employ staff who know English with B1 level.

Communication is an essential aspect of successful aesthetic services as the consensus between surgeon and patient defines the operation process. Therefore, you should tell your expectations and possible problems beforehand for a successful procedure. In this context, English-speaking centres should be your first option in aesthetic procedures. 

Qualifications of Hair Transplant Centres

The technique of the operation is essential for a successful process. The FUE and DHI are techniques which offer traceless and comfortable operation. Besides, there are other qualifications for a hair transplant centre.

  • The centre should have the necessary approvals from the Ministry of Health 
  • There should be enough medical staff for a successful operation.
  • The location of the centre should be in a decent neighbourhood where there is no significant amount of pollution.
  • Hair transplant surgeons and doctors should have the necessary qualifications and expertise in the hair surgery area. Also, they should have approved work certificate indicating that they can work in a health facility. 
  • Hair transplant techniques should be safe and reliable.
  • Use of sterile and technological equipment increases the chances of success.

On the other hand, certifications and experience of the hair transplant centre are the features that you should consider while selecting the right facility. In this sense, Turkey has many centres that offer necessary certifications for product and equipment use. 

For more information about hair transplant in Turkey, you can contact us for more information on this matter. We can help you reach a more informed decision.

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