Hair Transplant Turkey vs the Czech Republic

Hair Transplant Turkey vs the Czech Republic, The hair transplant industry has evolved into a massive sector due to high demand and technological developments. Every year, approximately one hundred thousand people travel overseas for aesthetic surgeries, especially for hair transplant. Therefore, hair transplant has become a significant field all over the world. On the other hand, the country where you will have a hair transplant procedure directly affects the operation’s results. 

Hair Transplant Turkey vs the Czech Republic

Turkey and the Czech Republic are among the countries wherein you can get healthy and successful hair transplant operations.

Hair Transplant Turkey

Turkey is one of the first countries that come to mind when you think of aesthetic operations. It has become a popular destination for hair transplant procedures as well. Therefore, many patients prefer Turkey, and especially Istanbul, for safe and successful operations. There are many reasons for the success of Turkey—for one, the number of experienced and capable surgeons. Furthermore, affordable prices make Turkey an attractive choice for aesthetic procedures.

Istanbul is the leading city for hair transplant operations. There are many centres where you can find a quality of service at reasonable prices. At esteGrande, we are one of the most preferred hair transplant centres in Istanbul. You can enjoy your visit to Istanbul while having the best aesthetic operations of your life in a good, sterile place. After the surgery, which lasts approximately seven hours, you can explore one of the oldest cities in the world. Historical sites and amazing sights of Bosphorus are waiting to be explored.

Hair Transplant Czech Republic

Most people know the Czech Republic for its beautiful nature. However, what most people do not know is its aesthetic operations. The Czech Republic is a good option if you decide on having a hair transplant procedure. It has many hair transplant centres. If your decision is to go to the Czech Republic for hair transplant, you will certainly leave the country with satisfaction.

Some centres offer premium packages which include airport transfer, accommodation, and exclusive postoperative products. Therefore, patients who come to Prague from other countries prefer these packages for a more comfortable transition.

Premium Hair Transplant Packages

Hair transplant is a complete process that includes accommodation, transportation, analysis of scalp, and postoperative care. Considering the comfort of the patients, hair transplant centres offer premium packages that include every service you can think of. Therefore, patients who travel for hair transplant operations prefer these packages. These packages include the following:

  • Airport transfer
  • Postoperative care products
  • Accommodation
  • Scalp analysis
  • Skype interview 
  • First wash

You can find wonderful opportunities in esteGrande with our experienced surgeons and professional team. Contact us for more information so we can assist you further.

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