Hair Transplant Turkey vs the Philippines

Hair Transplant Turkey vs the Philippines, Hair loss is a common issue that many people struggle with. Around 80 per cent of men experience some sort of hair loss at some point in their lifetime. This number is not as high in women as it is in men. Yet a good 40 per cent of women also lose their hair after menopause. But men’s and women’s hair loss follows different patterns in most cases.

Men lose the hair on their temples and crown areas in general. As their hair loss progresses, hairs on these areas fall out completely, and these two areas join together. This results in the classic horseshoe-shaped bald appearance. Women, on the other hand, usually experience hair loss evidenced in hair thinning all over the head.

Although it can have many causes, such as excessive stress, hormonal imbalance, or vitamin deficiencies, hair loss usually occurs due to genetic factors. In these cases, it is harder for patients to stop their hair loss.

Most patients have experienced hair loss and lost a good amount of their hair. As a result, they look for ways to fix their appearances. Some prefer wearing wigs or hats to cover their bald spots while some go for a more permanent solution. And that is, of course, hair transplantation.

Most patients prefer going abroad to get hair transplants as their prices, in some countries anyway, are very affordable. That’s why we are going to compare hair transplants in the Philippines and the ones in Turkey in this article. This will hopefully help you with your final decision.

Hair Transplant Philippines

You can find many clinics in the Philippines that provide hair transplantation services to their patients. But most of these clinics perform the primitive FUT and standard FUE hair transplants only. If you are lucky, you can find some of the more exclusive clinics that offer more advanced DHI hair transplants.

Prices, at first glance, seem cheaper to ones in the US and the UK. However, it is safe to say that they are still costly.

Hair Transplant Turkey

You can get hair transplants for lower prices in Turkey. But where you get your hair transplant in Turkey is a rather important subject.

If you are considering coming to Turkey for your hair transplant, Istanbul is where you want to head to, as Istanbul is the most advanced and biggest city in Turkey.

We at esteGrande offer the best hair transplants in Istanbul and in all of Turkey. We employ the most experienced and skilled surgeons and technicians. Also, we outfit our health institutions with the best equipment money can buy. Just check out our countless reviews if our twenty years of experience in the field is not enough to convince you.

Turkey vs the Philippines

The Philippines is, unfortunately, one of the countries that are more severely affected by climate change. Be sure to check the weather conditions of the places you visit beforehand for your safety.

Turkey is a safer country in that sense. Contact us for more information about hair transplants and their prices if you are interested. We should also let you know that if you do avail of our hair transplant services, we also throw in transportation, accommodation, and translation services for our patients.

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