Hair Transplant Turkey vs the UK, Nowadays, everybody can have hair transplant operation easily to retrieve their healthy hair back. However, selecting the right facility has a direct effect on the results of a hair transplant. Therefore, you should go to a country where you can find the quality of service at reasonable prices. 

Hair Transplant Turkey vs the UK

Turkey and the UK are among those countries where you can find lots of professional and experienced hair transplant centres. People who come to Turkey and the UK for aesthetic operations, such as hair transplants, usually leave with satisfaction.

Turkey is a brand for hair transplant operations. Some factors make Turkey the number one country for aesthetic procedures.

  • Turkey has many centres that offer premium packages for hair transplant operations. These packages include accommodation, airport transfer, hair growth treatments, and exclusive products for postoperative care.
  • You can find capable surgeons who are expert in hair transplant operations. Centres in Turkey are professional and sterile for the comfort of your process.
  • Furthermore, Turkey offers relatively affordable prices compared to other countries, such as the UK, because of the currency.

Given these points, Turkey has become the main attraction for tourists who want to have hair loss treatment.

The United Kingdom is one of the countries you can visit to have hair transplant operations. Although it is relatively expensive because of the currency, you can find the quality of service with good surgeons. Therefore, patient satisfaction is high, thanks to comfortable operation. However, increasing costs may make you disappointed. You can have a good postoperative period as the weather is suitable.

Tips for Healthy Postoperative Period

Regardless of the country where you have the operation, there are specific considerations you should pay attention to.

After deciding on the country where you have the operation, you should prepare yourself according to the conditions of the country. You should consider the weather conditions—humidity, cold, heat, etc.—while preparing for the vacation. Moreover, there are some general tips for the success of the procedure.

  • You should wear a headband after the operation to prevent infection and swelling.
  • Drinking alcohol and smoking affect the healing process adversely.
  • Protect your scalp from external impact, as the follicles can only hold on to the scalp one week after the operation.
  • You should avoid swimming, sauna, and sunbathing for at least a week.

If your decision is to go to Istanbul for the hair transplant, consider a very good institution. Here at esteGrande, we would be happy to serve you in our centre. You can find the most reliable techniques for hair transplants with our experienced team. Please get in contact with us for detailed information on hair transplant procedures.

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