Hair Transplant Turkey vs the USA

Hair Transplant Turkey vs the USA, Hair loss has become a common issue all over the world due to genetic factors and increasing stress in modern days. To overcome this problem, people prefer hair transplant, which is the perfect way to restore hair. Moreover, hair transplant is the most permanent solution among other hair loss treatments, such as drug or mesotherapy. 

Hair Transplant Turkey vs the USA

Some countries are preferred more for aesthetic procedures such as hair transplants. The USA and Turkey are the countries where you can find improved and successful hair transplant operations.

Turkey has been an attraction point for tourists from Europe and the Middle East. There are lots of professional hair transplant facilities in Turkey. Izmir, Istanbul, and Ankara are cities you can benefit from when it comes to effective transplant procedures. Experienced surgeons stay with you throughout the hair transplant journey to ensure that even your postoperative period is more comfortable and healthier.

You can discover the historical and natural beauties of these cities after or before your operation. Also, Turkey offers reasonable prices compared to other countries where you can have a hair transplant. 

The country of opportunities offers a new opportunity, which is the hair transplant. There are many hair transplant centres in the USA. Therefore, the quality of the procedure changes according to the state and the centre. 

You should do your research well while selecting the right hair transplant centre and the state. Each state has its benefits and disadvantages in terms of touristic purposes and aesthetic operations. The prices are relatively higher than Turkey because of the currency exchange of US dollars and Turkish lira.

Best Methods Offered in Turkey and the USA

Both of these countries provide the latest hair transplant techniques for successful results and comfortable postoperative period. FUE and DHI are the most preferred techniques by which you can get your healthy hair back with high success rates. You can find the latest technologies in these countries. However, we recommend reliable methods rather than relatively new ones.

  • FUE Method: It has been practised for almost thirty years in the USA and Turkey. Thanks to scientific and technological developments, the FUE method has become a flawless technique. Therefore, it gives nearly perfect results with a smooth healing process as the micromotor does not leave any trace on the donor area. You can enjoy the countries with a relatively easy healing period. FUE is the most common and preferred technique all over the world.
  • DHI Method: Technology’s latest invention, DHI, offers impressive results for those who prefer hair transplant to treat hair loss. Special Choi pens leave no trace on the donor area and offer the smoothest experience of the transplant procedure. As the hair follicles do not stay outside the body for a long time, DHI gives the best results you can see for a hair transplant surgery. You can appreciate this technique every time you look in the mirror.

At esteGrande, we offer full customer satisfaction with our experienced team. You may get in touch with us and come to Turkey, Istanbul, for your best hair transplant journey ever.

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