Hair Transplant without Shaving Head

Hair Transplant without Shaving Head, The fully shaved hair transplant procedure is the approach doctors generally use for hair transplants. This is a technique where the doctor shaves both the donor and the recipient region. 

On the other hand, no-shave FUE offers the chance of a hair transplant without anyone ever recognising that you had one. Doctors only shave the donor follicle hairs in no-shave follicular unit extraction (FUE). The trimmed donor follicles cover the remaining full-length hair. This then obtains a completely normal appearance of the donor area post-transplant. The technique makes both the process and final results of a hair transplant undetectable.

Many physicians don’t offer this choice at their centres. This is because of how it is more labour-intensive, time-consuming, and technically more difficult than shaved FUE. 

Many centres offer no-shave FUE, but their techniques usually differ. No-shave FUE means that they do not shave the whole head. They only lift the hair and shave the band. The long hair when let down can cover the removal area, making the shaved area unnoticeable. However, when the wind sways the hair, the shaved band can then be visible. The same thing happens when the hair is wet.

Partially Shaved Hair Transplant

Partially shaved transplant is also referred to as linear shaving. Performed at the back of the patient’s head, it is either in little lines or in square shapes. Its placement lets the hair overhead to fall over and simply hide the shaved spot.

Complete Unshaved Hair Transplant

The doctor performs a complete “unshaved” session on weak hair and when hair loss is limited to the anterior section. All tissue attachments will isolate from the hair follicle during the insertion of the skin. Also, the surgeon cuts down the hair remaining at its normal length during the extraction of individual follicular units. The doctor begins the implantation process using a Choi implanter pen (DHI technique) after the strands of hair have been chopped off. Then he transplants grafts within the existing hair one at a time into the thinning or balding areas of the scalp.

Advantages of a Complete Unshaved Hair Transplant

There are three main advantages of having an unshaved hair transplant. They are the following:

  • Complete elimination of shaving.
  • No visible postoperative scabs and crusts formed in the donor area.
  • As the number of grafts that will be transplanted is less, the overall recovery time can be quicker.

Some medical professionals recommend this kind of method because there are benefits that you, as a patient, can enjoy.

Disadvantages of a Complete Unshaved Hair Transplant

While there are several advantages to enjoy, there are also numerous disadvantages that you, as a patient, should remember. All medical professionals encourage you to spend a significant amount of time on educating yourself with all these:

  • It is a labour-intensive and meticulous method that entails excessive training, background, and skills of the supervising surgeon.
  • The doctor will transplant only a limited number of grafts in a single session. Therefore, the thickness of the hair a patient can achieve is lower.
  • The method is more time-consuming than other hair transplant techniques.
  • It can be more pricey in comparison with other methods.

In the end, it is your choice which shaving method you want to use. However, it is best to discuss with your surgeon thoroughly before coming to a decision.

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