Harry Kane Hair Transplant, Hair loss is a common problem all over the world. Every human being may experience hair loss or hair thinning due to various problems. Hair transplant is the most permanent and successful way to treat hair loss. Therefore, nowadays, many celebrities—including football players and actors—benefit from hair transplant operations to regain their healthy hair back. Of course, they are proofs of successful hair transplant results.

Among the green fields’ most talented players, Harry Kane preferred hair transplant to treat his hair loss problem. Along with his beautiful skills and goals, he puts in quite an appearance with his good-looking hair as well. Harry Kane was probably experiencing hair loss due to ageing. You can see the shedding on his crown region if you look at his former photos, especially from an upper angle. With a successful operation, Harry Kane had his hairline reshaped and had the opening in the crown region closed.

According to the healing of the donor area, the operation looks like it was done with the FUE or DHI method, which are the best options to get successful results from the procedure. Thanks to technological developments and improvements in the aesthetic surgery field, you can have a relatively comfortable healing period. Besides, FUE and DHI methods let us perform traceless operations. Therefore, you will have a fast and comfortable postoperative process, just like the famous football player.

Advantages of the FUE and DHI

The FUE and DHI are the most improved and healthy techniques available for hair transplant procedures. With experienced and capable surgeons, you can have impressive results to treat hair loss. There are major advantages of these two methods for a more comfortable and successful procedure.

  • They are both traceless methods, wherein you will see no unpleasant image after the operation.
  • It is possible to select the healthiest follicles for more successful results.
  • You may leave the hair transplant centre after the procedure immediately once you’re cleared to go. There is no need to wait for sutures or stitches.
  • The healing period for these two methods is relatively fast and comfortable.
  • Hair surgeons can define the angle successfully, which is an important aspect to obtain successful results.
  • The infection risk is limited, as there is no incision during the procedure.
  • Surgeons can collect up to four thousand hair follicles in one session, thanks to special pens and micromotors used.

There is a slight difference between FUE and DHI methods. In the DHI method, the graft collection and transfer happen consecutively with special pens. This reduces the waiting time of the hair follicles outside the body. Therefore, we can transplant follicles in a healthier way. Except for this one point, two methods are literally the same. DHI gives more successful results with this slight detail, however.

Here at esteGrande, we perform the FUE and DHI methods with the latest technology equipment. Our expert hair team and surgeons are ready to give you satisfying results for hair transplant. Contact us for more information and a more detailed operation plan.

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