Here’s What You Don’t Know About Hair Restoration

Here’s What You Don’t Know About Hair Restoration, If you’re having hair loss problem, it’s not really a problem anymore. There are a lot of different methods of hair restoration, either surgical or nonsurgical.

Here’s What You Don’t Know About Hair Restoration

Hair loss, commonly called alopecia, is the thinning of hair on the scalp. The causes could vary from person to person. It could be hereditary, a result of a medication, underlying health condition, or due to hormonal changes. Therefore, hair loss can be experienced by anyone, whether male or female. However, it is most common for men.

Some really need a solution to this problem because it affects a person’s self-esteem and quality of life. But there are also people struggling with hair loss that often resolve the problem by hiding it instead of treating it. Some do it by wearing a cap, bonnet, hat, or scarf. Other men also just cover it with a hairstyle. While others just leave it untreated and for everyone to see. For men who are ageing, it is not much of a problem. People believe that hair growth slows down as we age and that this happens to all.

However, one of the reasons why other people seem to just let it be is their lack of knowledge about hair restoration. And some do hair restoration methods that cannot treat their case anymore or just not at all. So here are things that you do not know about hair restoration:

Shampoos, Supplements, and Other Products Aren’t Enough for Hair Loss 

Once you’ve started balding in certain areas, the follicles of those individual hairs have become dormant and have entirely stopped producing hair.

However, these products could work if you use them on the earliest stage of hair loss. There are also medications available that could also work on the early stage of hair loss.

Hair Transplant Is the Only Proven Procedure to Provide Permanent Result

This is the best option if you are already having balding areas. Hair transplant is done by moving real hair to a bald area of the head, giving you the best natural result. From where does the surgeon get the hair? You are your own donor, unlike the case of organ transplants. Your body would reject hair, follicle, and tissue coming from anyone else other than your identical twin. The resistant hair from the back of your own scalp will be transplanted into the balding areas.

However, you could only achieve the fullest potential of your hair transplant if it’s done by a skilled doctor through advanced methods. There are a lot of clinics and surgeons that could provide hair transplant, but it takes a good one. At our centre, esteGrande, in this sense, we provide you everything you need for a perfect hair restoration.

There are a lot of different hair restoration methods. And there are even a lot more options in each of them. For example, there are different brands of shampoo and conditioner for hair loss. Also, there are supplements and medication. There are also different methods of hair transplants. Contact us for affordable all-inclusive packages we can offer you in our facility. esteGrande Instagram

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