How Do Hair Follicles Die? If you are experiencing hair loss problems, you should try the scientific solutions before it is too late. Otherwise, like anything that has life, hair roots will die by completing their lifetime.

We all know that the concept of death is irreversible. The dead hair follicles are also irreversible, but there are many precautions you can take before you come to this stage. Our hair is like trees that are a wonder of nature. They both have roots and need attention and care. Trees are fed with water, and our hair follicles with blood, which is the source of life for human life.

Thirst damages the tree, and anaemia damages the hair follicles. However, the main problem of hair loss in men is androgenetic alopecia, also known as male-type hair loss, as it corresponds to a rate of 95 per cent in male hair loss.

Most hair loss occurs due to anaemia in females and DHT hormones in men. The hormone called DHT damages all hair follicles like a germ. In women, if the cause is anaemia, precautions should be taken against the conditions that cause anaemia. It is usually due to iron deficiency or the body’s inability to produce blood. There are procedures you can follow to prevent the death of hair follicles.

Prevent DHT Hormone

Hereditary (genetic) hair loss that occurs in 95 per cent of men and 50 per cent of women is due to the attack of the DHT hormone. According to scientific studies, there are three substances that stop the DHT attacks. These are Procapil, finasteride, and minoxidil.

Find Solutions to Anaemia

As it is known, women experience menstruation at certain times of each month. This can sometimes lead to anaemia. The lack of iron causes a decrease in the amount of blood in the body. Iron deficiency plays an essential role in the overall health of the whole body. Green leafy plants, fish, and drugs that enhance blood performance can prevent anaemia and increase the rate of blood.

Hair Transplant for the Death of Hair Follicles

For those who do not take the necessary precautions during the hair loss or those who are late, the problem of baldness can sometimes happen early. Nobody wants this problem in the spring of their youth. The only process to be done at this stage is hair transplant. You can get a quality of service at esteGrande with our capable surgeons. Contact us for more details.

Hair Care

No product alone is sufficient to treat hair loss. To revitalize hair follicles and trigger new hair growth, a complete treatment procedure is necessary. It is necessary to remove the cosmetic residues from the scalp to open the pores and feed the scalp.

Thanks to organic contents and unique formula of keratin, it nourishes hair follicles and helps grow new hair.

Keratin products clean cosmetic waste from the scalp with menthol and special formula. It helps the pores open in the scalp. Besides, it allows hair and hair roots to breathe and improves blood circulation.

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