How Hair Transplant Can Fix an Unnatural-Looking Hairline

How Hair Transplant Can Fix an Unnatural-Looking Hairline, The hairline is the area at the top of the forehead. It is one of the first components you see when you look at a person’s face. In fact, it is the area that draws attention when looking at the hair. Therefore, any problem that may arise in this area needs to be solved as soon as possible for an excellent aesthetic appearance.

People do not give the necessary importance to the hairline. However, one of the most critical issues in hair transplants is the hairline. This line determines the outline of the hair, and it is crucial to keep the shape of this line as pleasing as possible.

Hairline design, which is very important in hair transplantation, varies from person to person. It is not possible to apply a standard measurement due to face differences. There are other variables when designing the front hairline:

  • Anatomical head structure
  • Age of the person
  • Number of grafts

Hairline measurement starts between the two eyebrows. The average forehead width for the front hairline should be 7 cm. However, this number may vary depending on the facial structure of the person. The front hairline should be V-shaped or a little more oval, but not very pointed.

Hairline Correction

Hairline correction is for people who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their hair and want to change it for aesthetic reasons. The hair follicles from the back of the neck are collected one by one and planted to form a new previously determined hairline.

In every hair transplant operation, designing the hairline is a crucial part. However, only hairline correction can be enough for the front line with regional hair transplant using FUE or DHI technique. 

There are some points you can consider before the hairline repair procedure.

  • A patient who is suitable for hair transplant is also ideal for getting a hairline correction.
  • Hairline planning is necessary after the consultation with the doctor.
  • The duration of hairline correction operations varies according to the number of grafts.
  • It takes about six months for the hair to grow and look natural.

Hair transplant and hairline correction operations are now carried out smoothly and safely in our country. If you do not know whether they should get a correction or not, you can contact us for a detailed examination.

As a result of advances and developments in the field of hair transplant, hair correction operations have become highly popular. Hair correction is a treatment that requires good ability and care. Therefore, you should have hair repair or correction in a trusted hair transplant centre.

Here at esteGrande, we provide our patients with regional hair transplants, which include hair transplant repair. If you have an unnatural-looking hairline and want to remedy that, contact us for detailed information. Our surgeons work meticulously for impressive results in every operation. esteGrande Instagram

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