How Hair Transplants Can Transform Appearance

How Hair Transplants Can Transform Appearance, Thanks to advanced technology and the latest methods, it is now possible to treat hair loss successfully. Hair transplant operations transform the appearance to a great extent. However, there are some factors for a successful transformation after hair transplant.

DHI and FUE methods are the best options to treat hair transplant and regain your healthy hair appearance. DHI functionality manifests itself at the stage of placing the hair follicles in their new places. In addition to facilitating the angle of the hair follicles, it enables simultaneous channel opening and root placement. Therefore, you can get healthy results from a comfortable operation.

Especially at the front hairline, symmetry and the direction of the hair follicles can be adjusted with DHI hair transplant to ensure healthy and natural growth. Therefore, hair transplant can change your appearance with a natural hairline and frequent hair placement.

Planning and maintaining the angle of the follicles requires expertise. Therefore, regardless of the method of hair transplantation, hair transplantation should be done in places where you can find a capable hair transplant specialist.

For Successful Transformation

The depth and size of the channels are crucial for successful results after the hair transplant. In order for the scalp to nourish the hair follicles, healthy channel opening can be arranged carefully.

After the hair transplant process, the naturalness of the new hair is affected by many parameters. These are the following:

  • Donor area
  • Right angle and directions
  • Symmetry
  • Density
  • Front hairline design

With the right angle and thickness, the hair transplant results in success. Therefore, the unshaven DHI method is one of the application methods that allow for the most frequent transplantation. Twelve months after DHI hair transplant, you can have an incredibly lush, healthy natural hair. The success of hair transplantation depends mainly on two criteria: naturalness and intensity.

Before Hair Transplant

There are some other points doctors should consider in the preoperative process. This is so they can achieve the most successful results by transforming the general appearance

  1. Determining the maximum number of grafts in one session, according to the desires of the person.
  2. Determination of the target area.
  3. Designing and the front hairline naturally and aesthetically. The hairline should be in accordance with the borders on the face.
  4. Determination of appropriate angles and direction. It should be ensured that hair grows in the right direction after hair transplant.
  5. Size and depth of the channels. The size and depth of the microchannels should be as small as possible. However, they should also be large enough for the size of the follicular unit. Thus, the adaptation of the hair follicles can be easy, and interruption of blood circulation can be at a minimum.

With detailed planning and analysis of the procedure, you can have successful results after the hair transplant. It is an operation that significantly changes the look of a person. Therefore, a hair transplant is one of the most effective aesthetic procedures.

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