How Long Does A Hair Transplant Procedure Take?

How Long Does A Hair Transplant Procedure Take? Are you about to take a method of hair transplant surgery? You must have done your research about the procedure and what to expect from the surgery.

You must be aware that it is not an easy and short process. While there are many do’s and don’ts you need to follow post-surgery, you really need to prepare yourself for the surgery mentally.  

So, let’s find out how long does a hair transplant process take, and you can prepare yourself for it.

The duration of hair transplant surgery depends on the following factors:

·        The Procedure Being Followed

If you follow the FUE process, you should prepare yourself for up to 8 hours of service. Skilled professionals can implant thousands of hair grafts in 8 hours.

In the process, surgeons extract each hair unit individually; the process is a very labour-intensive process. Also, experience and expertise play an important role in the duration of the surgery.

If you are taking the method of FUT hair transplant, you will be in the surgery for a long time. Also, this process takes a long time to heal with some major side effects. This process uses the strip from the back of the head to extract multiple grafts. Hence, doctors don’t recommend the FUT technique, as it is quite outdated and complicated. Today, the best option you can get is the FUE method. Also, with FUT, you will see a noticeable incision on your scalp. 

Sometimes, after the process, a head wrap is also placed that is removed after 24 hours.

·        The Number Of Grafts Being Implanted

Hair roots or grafts that are extracted and implanted during the process significantly affects the duration of the surgery. Surgeons obtain grafts by extracting them one by one (FUE). Each graft can have one-five hair strands.

After obtaining the grafts, the surgeon creates the recipient sites in the bald area for the grafts. After the counting, preparation, and separation of the grafts, they are placed into the recipient sites. 

Therefore, the number of grafts is directly proportional to the length of the surgery. The average case usually takes nearly 6-8 hours from the beginning to finish.

After The Surgery

You may experience a sore scalp after the treatment, but it is quite normal. Also, the doctor may prescribe you some medication post-surgery, which includes pain medication, anti-inflammatory medicines, and antibiotics to lessen the risk of infection.

You can continue with your routine several days after the surgery.

Further, the transplanted hair usually falls out between two to three weeks after the treatment. And, this makes way for your new hair growth. You can notice hair growth after 8 to 12 months after the surgery.


So, if you are opting for a hair transplant process, we advise you to choose FUE since it is more advanced and has less downside.

Also, as you know, the process of hair transplant is quite lengthy; you must hire a friendly and skilled professional who can make the process easier for you. For any hair-related conditions, you can get in touch with us. We are a team of skilled medical professionals that will be present at your service at any time. esteGrande Instagram

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