How Many Hair Strands Normally Fall Out a Day?

How many hair strands normally fall out a day? An adult person has about 100,000 hair follicles in the scalp. These hair follicles have the ability to renew themselves countless times. It is usual for hair strands to fall out of their roots in their natural life cycle. Therefore, every hair loss should not be considered as a disease or a problem. 

How Many Hair Strands Normally Fall Out a Day?

Only severe hair loss must be evaluated and recognised as a significant problem. A real hair loss involves shedding hair with roots. Typically, only hair strands shed. The hair follicles stay in place, allowing the hair to grow back.

Although it varies according to the season, it is normal to experience 50 to 150 hair strands loss per day. However, exceeding this number might be an indication of a disorder. The most important reason for hair loss is genetics.

Causes of Hair Loss

There are lots of reasons for severe hair loss. Although most people experience hair loss due to genetic factors, various problems can lead to shedding or thinning of the hair. Below, you can find some common reasons for hair loss.

 1-Genetic factors

The causes are different in women and men. The type seen in men is the male type of hormone-sensitive hair loss. It is a problem for more than 50% of the population, which is genetic and chronic. This type of hair loss is also possible in women. Especially individuals with baldness problems in their families face the risk of this hair loss. 

2-Bad eating habits:  

Dietary hair loss is another common factor. After all, the hair is a living organ, and it needs proper nutrition. Not having a regular and balanced diet, long-term hunger, and consuming foods with high carbohydrate content may ultimately affect your hair negatively.

If there are no nutritional problems, the deficiency of vitamins and minerals may be the reasons why you experience hair loss. If your vitamins and minerals such as B12, vitamin D, folic acid, biotin, zinc, iron are low, the hair cannot have necessary nourishment. 

3-Hormonal problems  

If the person has hormonal issues such as menstrual irregularities along with hair loss, this is shedding might be related to hormonal changes. 

4-Some internal diseases and drug use:  

Some internal diseases, thyroid gland problems, hormonal changes and the medications you take for the treatment may be the reason for your hair loss. 

5-Cosmetic factors

Increasing our cosmetic habits are other factors that cause shedding of hair. In other words, to tie the hair tightly, blow-dry processes with excessive heat, dyes and straightening methods cause hair loss by damaging the hair from the outside.

6- Stress and depression:  

Excessive stress is another reason for hair loss as well as any disease. Depression, anxiety, psychosis, and medications used to treat them can affect your hair, causing shedding.

Regardless of the type of your hair loss, hair transplant operations are here to solve your problem. In esteGrande, we provide our patients with the most appropriate techniques considering their hair loss. You can have great results in our surgeon’s capable hands.

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